Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: which super-console should you buy?

by Gloria Philips Expert Blogger
After its global launch on 7 November, the Xbox One X is currently the strongest games console available on the market. It’s a direct competitor to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and, much like its rival, it’s a supercharged gaming system made to produce lavish visuals on 4K Ultra HD screens.

Both take part in the same games as his or her less-expensive siblings, the Xbox One S and PS4, but at 4K resolutions with smoother motion or significant visual enhancements.

But does more power create the One X the stronger proposition? We’ve been testing the 2 consoles next to each other to discover.


The initial Xbox One was surprisingly big and bulky, but Microsoft fixed by using last year’s slimline Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X is just marginally larger; just half a centimetre wider and 1cm deeper, having a slightly lower profile by 4mm. At 300 x 240 x 60mm, it’s a bit wider compared to the 295 x 327 x 55mm PS4 Pro however, not as deep. Microsoft’s slick design hides the additional 5mm of height.

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It’s also quiet - even quieter compared to the PS4 Pro. The noise levels don’t get significantly whenever you run visually demanding games. Put a Blu-ray disc within the slot-loading player as well as the sound grows more obtrusive, however, not towards the extent you’ll notice whenever your TV reaches an ordinary volume.


That slimline design and low noise are even more impressive considering the quantity of processing power Microsoft has packed inside.

The Xbox One S, One X, PS4 and PS4 Pro are depending on the same basic technology, however the One X’s eight-core processor runs faster - at 2.3Ghz towards the PS4 Pro’s 2.1Ghz - as well as the One X has 3GB more RAM on the PS4’s 9GB.

Games may use much more of that RAM plus it runs at higher speeds, however the Xbox One X’s biggest advantage is really a new more complex graphics processor.


This means that in which the PS4 Pro uses some clever visual trickery to render sumptuous 3D graphics for any 4K screen, the Xbox One X can render equally sumptuous graphics at true 4K. This, however,  depends upon how each game is optimised by its respective development team.

Plus, there’s enough headroom for any higher-level of detail and much more lavish visual effects.

Both consoles support High Dynamic Range (HDR) for any wider selection of colours with brighter whites, deeper blacks and much more subtle shades in-between. Additionally they provide you with smoother more in depth graphics even on the standard 1080p screen.

The Xbox One X is definitely the stronger of these two consoles, however in practice the comparison isn’t so simple.

Games enhanced for your Xbox One X-enhanced look incredible. Gritty action games like Gears of War 4 look sharper and much more detailed, with dazzling lighting effects and near-flawless smooth motion.

More cartoon-like visuals possess a wonderfully clear, vibrant style. Xbox One X games look noticeably more complex compared to the straight Xbox One S versions, although the difference isn’t always night and day.

This too pertains to Forza Motorsport 7, that was already a remarkable-looking game around the standard Xbox One and something S. Rough edges and blurry textures vanish around the One X, however the differences aren’t as noticeable because they are on Gears of War 4 and Rise from the Tomb Raider.

We’re slightly disappointed with Assassins Creed: Origins, because the exclusive One X enhancements do little to enhance the game’s visuals. It’s certainly much better than the typical game around the One S, however the difference isn’t significant.

What’s more, the PS4 Pro already has some stunning games. Microsoft may have the hardware advantage, however in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon: Zero Dawn, the PS4 Pro still holds a few of today’s best-looking games.

Software featuring

Sony’s smart, streamlined interface was always a huge advantage for your PS4, while Microsoft’s interface utilized to feel cluttered, incoherent and difficult to navigate. It offers improved massively as well as the Xbox One X puts all the most crucial stuff - your games, your Xbox Live friends and entertainment - right upfront.

It’s flexible, customisable and extremely simple to manage. Both systems have their own foibles, but there’s little to dislike here.

If you would like entertainment, you can view Amazon Instant Video in 4K with HDR around the Xbox One X, however, not around the PS4 Pro. Both support Netflix 4K streams.

However the Xbox One X has yet another advantage with regards to video. Its built in Blu-ray player can play standard full HD Blu-ray discs as well as the newer 4K Blu-rays, which makes it the greater tempting deal for movie buffs.


Here comes the crunch. As the PS4 Pro shows up in the not-so-cheap cost of £349 on Amazon, you may get some terrific bundles with games thrown in free. The website has got the Xbox One X at £449, that might postpone all however the most enthusiastic hardcore gamers.


Is definitely the Xbox One X well worth the extra cash? In certain ways, yes. Sleek, quiet and undeniably powerful, it’s near to being the best dedicated games machine. The £450 cost buys the same type of graphics processing power only previously present in an £800 gaming PC. That’s a genuine achievement.

Having said that, you may still find two big questions left unanswered.

It’s not certain if players should be able to separate the Xbox One X’s 4K graphics as well as the pseudo-4K graphics from the PS4 Pro. We’re still waiting around for Microsoft as well as the other big-name publishers to update key Xbox One X-enhanced titles, so we’ll need to wait a bit longer before we are able to draw a straight comparison involving the two rivals.

We wonder whether Microsoft will produce more exclusive games that take full advantage of its super-powered hardware. Desperate while we will be to play Forza Motorsport 7 or Assassin’s Creed: Origins in stunning 4K, the Xbox One X could use a showcase game which takes the event to a different level.

More evidence should come next week when more games are released and updated. At this time it’s a victory for Microsoft in writing, but we still require more convincing.

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