How to Create a Betting Website

by Nux Game Next-gen B2B iGaming Software Company
Digital technologies development and worldwide sports betting embracement – here are two main factors that guarantee the market steady growth. Experts predict a 9%-extension per year up to 2025. With a new 5G solution and expanding internet coverage, more people get access to gambling entertainment. So, if you always dreamed to catch the wave and take your profit participating in the betting industry, it’s the best time to become a new market player.
Here you’ll find the essential steps of betting website creation and some advantageous solutions, which may ease the challenging process.

Step #1: Choose your niche

The betting market nowadays is highly competitive. That is why the niche (sports market) selection becomes the prime question. New business deployment has to be well-thought, and the best thing you can do in the very beginning is to create your own plan.
Maybe, you do not need all the niches to start. It’s obvious that people will definitely bet on soccer, basketball, NHL, but there is no guarantee, that bettors would love curling or badminton first.

Tip: Study your audience demand and select few sports to offer the best. Learn about season activities in selected niches and choose several markets to diversify risks in mid-seasons. The chosen bundle you can launch with Nuxgame - sportsbook software provider - as the company’s product is flexible enough to customize it for your needs.

Step #2: Select the target jurisdiction and obtain bookmaker’s license

For new businesses, it’s vital to determine where to start. Learn the global betting market and find the mist developing points. For example, you may choose Africa’s countries to begin with, as you’ll find the growing demand for quality betting websites there.
As soon as you build your roadmap, learn the legal aspects of the gambling industry in the selected country, and make all efforts to become a licensed betting provider.

Tip: Still, it’s better to work out the long-term plan and think where to expand in advance. If you have a plan, you may choose the best gambling regulator to obtain a license and have an opportunity to provide your services all over the world.

Step #3: Choose your way to develop

Now you may choose from 3 ways of your business development.
  1. You can create your service from scratch. In this way, you may create something unique, but it’s a time- and money-consuming process. You can spend a lot of time building your personal approach to the client, and there is a risk to miss the current market trend. It’s a pity when you launch an outdated product.
  2. You may start using licensed software from a trusted provider, like Nuxgame. With a reliable partner, you can launch your website fast and save budgets for advertising and promotion.
  3. You can join a licensed company or buy the product from a developer and become a licensee.

Tip: You may not see the difference between points 2 and 3. But, when we are talking about licensed software, you can be more flexible combining different products and solutions.

Step #4: Design and functions creation

Now, when you have your niche, license, and plan of development, it’s time to create the website itself. The key points are design and functionality. And the design may be the easiest part.
When we’re talking about usability, there are too many factors that are must be considered. You need to thought out all the registration, payment, and betting things to offer users a friendly environment.

Tip: With Nuxgame you can only provide your domain and get the ready-made product to launch.

Step #5: Add payment services

It’s essential to offer players convenient methods to deposit and withdraw funds. Learn the main payment systems on the selected market and choose in-demand services. It may be bank cards, e-wallets, electronic money-transfer services, ATMs, mobile services, etc.
The more services you offer, the more bettors will find your betting website convenient to use.

Bottom line

If you are ready to start your own betting business and join the challenging competitive market, it’s the time! Now you have a checklist of the essential things needed to be done. Find your own way and take your profit on the fast-growing market!

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