How To Choose The Right Whistleblower Attorney To Represent Your Case?

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How do you choose the right whistleblower attorney? This is the first question that crosses your mind once you decide to come forward with significant information of an institutionalized fraud in your organization. Whistleblowers are fascinatingly honest and brave individuals, who don’t selfishly think about saving their job or only livelihood, instead risk it to expose the corruption, greed and fraud. These cases, however, are time-consuming because of their complex nature. They usually involve corporations with high margin profits and their very own team of attorneys. You will need experienced advice and protection from any sort of potential retaliation. You will need a professional lawyer who can be with you every step of the way.

Five key criteria for how you should choose a whistleblower attorney

Proven experience in filing and litigating cases similar as yours on behalf of whistleblowers

Whistleblower law is complicated in nature and since very case is different with their individual requirements, you will need expert guidance. It is vital that you hire an attorney with demonstrated personal experience in successfully litigating many whistleblower claims. An expert lawyer will work closely with you and discuss your situation in way so it could bring justice and success. They will know if your case should be pursued further, and they will know how to protect a whistleblower’s rights to the end.

A long-established track record of winning major whistleblower cases in the country

As you are considering hiring a whistleblower lawyer, it is crucial to find one with a long-established record of winning many whistleblower cases with their clients from across the country. Before you finalize an attorney, be sure they are capable of providing you with references for a quick evaluation.

Comprehensive knowledge of the latest whistleblower law, legal choices and time limitations

Your whistleblower attorney must be able to explain you all possible ups and downs of taking your claim further, be it on the federal level or state level. In addition to understanding the state laws, they also must know how to prevent retaliation, because retaliation is never uncommon. Whistleblower law typically includes: The False Claims Act, The Dodd-Frank Act and The Stark Law.

Enthusiasm and ability to commit time and resources essential to develop a convincing case

Whistleblower cases are virtually never that simple. They often need time and deep resources to be resolved. It’s crucial for any whistleblower to consult with a reputable whistleblower law firm that has deep resources and allotted time to develop the most convincing case ever. This will usually involve conducting extensive research, deposing witnesses, consulting with experts in the field and more.

Committing to protecting your best interests as their client

Your whistleblower lawyer must commit to closely with you until the cases reaches its ultimate phase. Your lawyer must be able to dedicate 100% of their time, knowledge and resources to your case. They must also listen to your doubts and concerns, and provide you with ideal solutions. They should also be able to give your personalized expert advice that fits your case and is necessary for a proper litigation process.

Call whistleblower lawyer at Brown, LLC, who are also top anti-money laundering lawyers

Since you have been wondering how to hire the best whistleblower law firm to represent your whistleblower case, Brown, LLC offers you teams of experienced whistleblower lawyers, including SEC whistleblower attorneys, anti-money laundering lawyers, Medicare and Medicaid whistleblower lawyers, IRS whistleblower lawyers and many more. Our attorneys are well-conversant with the ever-changing whistleblower law that actually governs these types of cases.

Irrespective of the details of your cases, our attorneys will be your friendly-partners in fighting against crime. We have never been afraid to stand against crimes, neither will we this time with your case. Our heroes are our attorneys who appreciate your courage and honesty.

If you have already decided to come forward as a whistleblower or considering your options, call Brown, LLC and consult with one of our attorneys immediately. We value time and your energy, hence we don’t take time to revert to your request. The only thing we take time for is when you sit to tell us about your claim. It’s important for your potential whistleblower attorney to listen to your every bit of the story and we are proud of our patience and commitment. 

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