How to choose patio covers

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Patio covers are an ideal way to protect furniture from rain and snow, create a shaded enclosure or platform and offer a new addition to a home. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you'll want to consider how and when (seasonal) you intend to use the patio deck and how much you're willing to spend. Here you can get custom patio covers Folsom from


• Evaluate the composition of your patio and decide which patio cover offers the greatest coverage, shade and protection against the elements. Depending on the design, adjustable patio covers can be adjusted to meet changing time needs.

• Consider the construction of the patio deck. Patio decks made of vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron and wood can vary considerably in construction, size and color. Wooden patios are designed as an extension and improvement of the house and provide a durable platform to entertain guests and enjoy outdoor views. Be aware of possible decay, termites, water stains with wood. Schedule regular maintenance and return to stain a wooden patio to minimize wear. Other materials, such as aluminum, wrought iron and vinyl, are not subject to decomposition; however, they may show rust spots with iron.

• Decide between a permanent and a removable patio cover. Retractable awnings and fabric awnings are removable, pergolas, gazebos and gazebos are permanent.

• Evaluate the terms of the guarantee. Ask if the warranty is for the life of the yard or if a term is assigned. Ask if a wear, such as cracks, splinters, peeling, decomposition or discoloration, is covered by the warranty.

Types of wood for a Patio deck

Outdoor patios suffer a lot of weathering. By choosing the right types of wood, you can extend the life of your patio and your patio deck.

Local woods

For ideal outdoor structures, more durable, it is better to choose local woods. Local woods better resist the local climate.


Cedar is golden brown in appearance and among the most popular wood options due to its availability, affordability and durability.

Pine tree

Pine is a softer wood that is lighter in color and appearance. While pine is cheap, it is not always the most durable of woods.


Secoya is also considered a soft wood that has a rich, red appearance. But redwood is considered quite durable, rot resistant and strong, which is ideal for outdoor structures.


Cypress is common in the southern portion of the United States and is as red in color as but lighter as redwood. But like the redwood, cypress is quite durable and resistant to putrefaction.


Teak is a very durable but very expensive wood that can withstand several climates. It is a very hard wood of high resistance to putrefaction, insects and general damages.

Tips and warnings

Custom patio covers are usually more expensive than patios manufactured. Basic patio covers are the least expensive and can between umbrellas and awnings.

Patio covers can be purchased in outdoor furniture and home improvement stores.

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