How to Choose Cheap Wordpress Hosting

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Cheap wordpress hosting surely becomes an important aspect that people will try to find when they want to build their website. People can have various reasons to build a website. No matter what, they have to make sure that the website can have the best performance but at the same time, they also want to make sure that they can save money on their website building as well. Of course, building a website that based on WordPress will give the best performance but at the same time, the hosting can make them spend quite an amount of money. Nevertheless, people do not have to worry because they can save some money by following the tips below. They might not get the super cheap hosting for their WordPress site but at least, they can save money on the hosting that can provide them with the optimum performance according to their website requirements.

Choose the Most Suitable Hosting Plan

When people are looking for the best hosting for their WordPress website, there must be several hosting plans offered. The very step that must be taken for making sure that they can get the cheap wordpress hosting is by choosing the most suitable hosting plan. It does not mean that the cheapest hosting plan will be the most suitable option for them. For people who just start their website, for instance, using the shared hosting plan is surely a perfect choice for them. This hosting plan will also be great for people who want to make the website building at a slow pace. However, people who want to get better customization opportunities and better security might find that a virtual private server plan is great for them. It might not as expensive as the dedicated hosting plan but the performance is quite similar. Of course, if people want to get the freedom for building a website, dedicated hosting plans will be the best choice although the cost will be more expensive than other hosting plans. However, nowadays people can also choose a cloud hosting plan that is considered as the middle option between the dedicated hosting plan and the VPS plan.

Payment and Discount

The key to finding the cheap wordpress hosting will depend on the way people pay attention to details especially about the payment. Usually, people can find the best deal of WordPress hosting by considering the upfront payment. Yes, people need to find out about how many months of upfront payment that they have to take so they can get the best deal. Asking the provider thoroughly will be necessary to make sure that people can get this saving money opportunity on the WordPress hosting. There might be some introductory discounts that people can get when they start using the hosting service. They must not forget to know the amount of money they have to pay when they want to renew their subscription after the introductory discount is running out.

Unlimited Storage

People might be looking for cheap wordpress hosting with unlimited storage. It is quite wise to choose the hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth. It will help them to save money because they can avoid upgrading the website too soon. Although people can find the unlimited storage and bandwidth offer quite easily, they must not get tempted too quickly because there might be small prints that can be found. They must not forget to read the small prints to make sure that they can really understand the meaning of unlimited storage and bandwidth offered by each hosting. Some unlimited storage and bandwidth offered by some hosting services might be good enough for entry-level plan but people might need to consult with the provider to find out whether their cheapest plan option will be suitable for their requirements.


Some people might be attracted to the hosting that can offer some extras. They do not mind to spend more money on getting the extras offered by the hosting plan. However, people need to know that those extras might be nice but they are not essentials. They should think twice when the hosting will only offer them with some extras like automatic backups, website migrations, and software updates for WordPress. Those are quite nice features but they actually can take care of them quite easily. They only need to use the right tools for implementing those functions. It means that it is not necessary to spend more money just because the cheapest WordPress hosting does not offer them with those extras. This way, they can still get the cheap wordpress hosting they are longing for.

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