How to choose an electric scooter well?

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The electric scooters that are offered by the manufacturers, there are different models: the three-wheeled scooter, four-wheeled, the compact or double model, the demountable models.

The model is the most stable of four wheels, while the three wheels is more manageable. To take into account to choose the appropriate electric scooter, first you have to determine the surface where it will be used the most.


If you can move around the house without the need of the scooter but you need it to go shopping or run errands outside the home, then a small transportable scooter will be the most appropriate for you.

The transportable scooters are light and very simple to disassemble and fold and fit in most of the trunk. They have an autonomy per load of approximately 15-25km. Keep in mind that, being designed to be lightweight, they do not have the best suspension and are not as comfortable as the mid-range and high-end models. It is advisable to use it on very well paved terrains without steep slopes.

The three-wheeled transportable scooters are ideal for use inside the house or on the supermarket because having a single front wheel, its maneuverability is much greater. for having small measures many models fit in the elevators.

For use on irregular terrains and slopes

I would have to opt for a high-end four-wheel scooter since they have a good suspension and large wheels which gives a smooth and comfortable ride in rough terrain.

Another factor to take into account is the weight of the person who will use the scooter since not all of them support the same weight, there are those that only support 90kg, even those adapted with wider seats whose maximum authorized weight reaches 200kg.

In addition, you can choose the accessories that suit you.

You can add baskets and trailers of different sizes, carry crutches and canes, adapters to carry oxygen bottles, cabin waterproofing, thermal blankets, so that transporting any object of daily use is no problem.

Turning radius and center of gravity

Scooter 4 wheels:

Long turning radius (2 meters), recommended only for external use but has a center of gravity that ensures excellent stability very suitable for uneven terrain and slopes. The 4-wheel scooter tend to be a little more expensive.

Scooters 3 Wheels:

Long turning radius (1 meter), ideoneo for indoor use or in confined spaces. Less than 3-wheel stability but we must remember that they are products under CE certification that guarantees the total safety of the user with normal use. of a 3-wheel scooter is 20% cheaper to purchase.

The purchase of a scooter, especially if it is the first purchase, is based on precise elements.


In fact, there are a multitude of models of electric scooters that differ by their technology, their designs, options and accessories or their level of comfort…

This type of investment requires before:

1) Define your needs as accurately as possible;

2) Test the different models of electric scooters.

First step: define your needs. To do this, here is a list of key questions you can ask yourself:

·        For what kind of trips?

·        Long or short?

·        On a flat or irregular surface?

·        What types of spaces: Confined or indoor or outdoor?

·        What electric scooter range? small, medium, high?

·        Standard?

·        Comfortable with all the options?

·        What characteristics do you consider indispensable?

·        Stability?

·        Maneuver, turning radius?

·        Degree of autonomy?

·        Transport by car, which is removable?

·        the size?

·        The weight?

·        What is your budget?

·        Mini price?

·        Big budget?

·        3 wheels or 4 wheels?

·        solid wheels or wheels with air chamber?

·        Do I need accessories?

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