How To Charge Your Phone Anywhere With A Solar Charger

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In this day and age, every one depends on their smartphone for a variety of reasons. This comes handy to stay in touch with family and friends plus constantly being available for business associates. A solar phone charger is very helpful when traveling to locations without power. This charger enables you to keep your phone fully charged regardless of where you’re. Here is how to charge your phone anywhere with a solar charger.

best solar cell phone charger
Understanding a solar phone charger

It’s a small device with built-in solar panels. You have to place it in sunlight to generate and store power which your phone will require to charge. You have to leave the solar charger for approximately 7 hours. This will enable the charger to get enough power to charge your phone.  

How long does the charger last?

The period for you to charge your phone will depend on the Milliamp-hours (mAh) of the charger you buy. With technology improving every day, the mAh of solar phone chargers are getting better. You have to look for a solar brand offering enough mAh to meet your charging requirements. Consider getting a charger with about 5000mAh and has dual charging capabilities. 

When to use the charger?

You can buy best solar cell phone charger and use it anywhere as long as you can access sunshine to charge it. Some chargers can even work where there’s not much sunshine. In other cases where the sun takes long to come, you can charge the battery from a USB port on your computer. This charger will save your mobile devices from blacking out in traffic or areas without electricity. 

Benefits of a solar phone charger

When camping

A solar phone charger will come handy when camping or on a road trip. It saves you from relying on the traditional chargers with a cord. This charger gives you the freedom to charger from wherever you want. This is because this charger works off the free energy from the sun. There are even some models which can charge from any source light even a lamp. 

Free energy 

The best thing about using a solar battery charger is the ability to use free power. You don’t have to spend any penny to use solar energy. Conventional phone chargers even when not charging but plugged into a socket will hike the power bill. Get a solar phone charger and keep that extra money in your pocket.

Charges more than one phone once

When you have more than one device and all need charging, a solar charger will come handy. These chargers allow charging of more than one device and can charger virtually anything. This charger will make a difference in the way you stay connected. 

As noticed, missing essential calls or updating your social media platforms will become a thing of the past. The trick is to get a solar phone charger. You will enjoy the freedom to charge your device from wherever you wish without having to worry about where to get mains energy supply.

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