How to Boost Internet Connectivity When WiFi Is Weak

by Nishant Gujjar SEO Executive

Most of the households consider Wifi services as other vital services, compared with electricity and plumbing services. Internet connection becomes a much important element in this IT way of living. Many times Wifi signals, whether at home or workplace, are poor and awful. When your WiFi connection is not excelling on its internet speed, then there are multitude options available for improving the internet speed and strengthening WiFi signals.

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In this blog, some of the most popular ways to boost the Wifi signals are mentioned so that you can be the master of your own and you don’t have to call the service providers. Let’s get started:

1. You can scan your Wifi connections

For the purpose of fixing the problem, you can install an app for Wifi scanning. Generally, these applications have many functionalities where you can understand the mapping of the heat zone of network signals around the locality. You can compare the different zones of having strong signals and weak signals and then you can mess with the things until the spots appear in the strong signal scan.

2. You can turn the Router Antennas

First, you find the box of black colour with some antennas equipped in it then operate the WiFi scanner application to look around your zone. You should move the antenna twice or thrice along with rescanning. In some cases, the external antenna is not equipped with the routers. If it is the case happened to you, then you can move it or turn its face in different directions.

3. You can turn your Router

First, you can look at the black box where some sticks are equipped with pointed direction. You can turn it to the new direction and now check the Wifi signal’s strength- is it improving or not? It is noted that the new position has power along with source cable to connect into.

4.  You can add an antenna externally

In case, your router has already an external antenna then you can attempt to have a bigger one. It is the cheapest method to boost the Wifi signals by using Wifi External Antennas. You can deploy two external antennas also.

5. You can add a signal booster

You can use a Wifi range extender to extend the signal range of Wifi for your system. You should connect it with your router similarly as the Bluetooth earphones are paired with the router. After that, you can connect the Wifi range extender into a socket. Here, it is noted that don’t move on the right side of the edge of your Wifi signal strength for the addition of Wifi range extender. Similar to an extension cord, it is an excellent way to link or pair one or two devices with the help of Wifi range extenders.

6. You can attempt to update your router firmware and set it to boost mode

It engages you to log into the dashboard of the router and rectify with the settings. It sounds tough, but when you can operate with the mobile settings screen, then you can also do this here. You have to check the manufacturer of your router and examine whether they provide new data in case of updating the firmware. You can download the data/file in your system then launch the settings of your router. Now, you can add this new file. You will encounter the lost internet network connection during this thing to happen. Next thing that you will require to do is to alter the broadcast channels in your router. Now, you employ mobile app for scanning around the area and get the broadcast channel that is not famous. You can then turn your router into this new channel. Now every device linked with your router would be automatically tinkered.

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