How to Become A Recruiting Superhero

by Yakshit Chaudhary Marketing Executive

You hire someone with only intention that during the working tenure he/she will turn out to be a great resource for the company. However, many times a person suited well on papers than as an employee. Hiring is one of the difficult tasks with numerous candidates backed by similar skills and expertise. Finding the right fit for the company may need a careful mix of great strategy and use of appropriate tools of the trade like HRMS software.

In this article, you will find various items that you can employ in your hiring process to become a recruiting superhero. Wondering why the term superhero, it’s because this article contains the items available in Batman’s utility belt that is not only effective but also very useful.

Plan Your Hiring Goals

If to be seen from the HR’s view, hiring is an exhaustive and expensive task. First, you quickly need to analyze the position to be filled and then, speak to the head of department to make sure whether there is an urgent need of hiring someone or not. HR also needs to find out if the job for which the vacancy has been generated can be done by the existing employees through internal promotions and cross-functional training.

And if there is a need for an employee to be recruited then you need a proper plan of action for the same. You need to set certain expectations from the candidates to decrease the likelihood of bad hires. What kind of employees are you looking for? What are the preferable skills that they must have? What qualifications they should have for a particular role?

Improve Recruitment Process With Tools

Using the tools like HRMS software, HR’s can improve their recruitment process. The recruitment management modules of this popular HRMS software helps in downloading and importing only the relevant resumes from job portals such as Monster and Naukri. HR management software also helps those managing people’s operations to accumulate the resumes of various candidates under one roof that make their work easier. Using this software, HR professionals can also send the emails to prospective candidates using simple steps defined in the recruitment module Manpower budgeting and internal job posting can also be handled easily using this software.

Hiring Through Social Media

Facebook and other social media accounts have become the talk of the town these days. More and more people are creating and updating their social media accounts these days, and the HR can find quality candidates there who prove a valuable resource for the company’s growth. Reach out to the prospective candidates by regularly posting company updates on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Postings on social media platform generate maximum engagement. Sharing and promoting the work culture, employee stories and corporate events on social media platforms will help in creating brand awareness and make candidates more interested in applying for openings in your company.

Several of candidates with some specific job requirements register themselves at niche platforms like job forums. For example, marketers are easily available on Moz and Warrior Forum and developers on StackOverflow and GitHub. LinkedIn is an amazing platform for professionals to connect and HR’s can use to find the job seekers.

An Organized Onboarding Process

New job brings new challenges with it, as new employees take time to settle down. A new work culture where an employee barely knows anyone, it becomes the responsibility of the HR to help you feel involved and associated. Being an HR, it’s important for you to know that the recruitment process does not end with the hiring, but hiring is just a start until the employee settle down in his/ her designated role. Similarly, it’s important to have an onboarding process that is informative and accommodating for new joiners.

Some of the major things HR’s should keep in mind are:

* Send an e-mail to existing employees so they're prepared to welcome a new joiner

* Provide the new joiner a security badge if he/ she needs one

* Set up the work station in advance

* Configure the new employee's email accounts quickly

* Provide guidelines for any necessary software that he will be using

* Treat the new joiners to lunch.

And here's a list of questions HR should answer for the new employee voluntarily:

* What he/she should bring on the day of joining?

* Where is the parking area?

* Where are the restrooms?

* Where is the copy machine? (And how does it work?)

* Where is the cafeteria?

* Who should the employee talk to if he/ she additional questions? (It's great to assign a co-worker or a hiring manager as a buddy to check-in with the new hire at least for the first week)

These simple things will improve your onboarding process. Also use HRMS software to get the paperwork done before the joining date to ease the onboarding process. For this, you can look for different HRMS tools available online.

Be Available

This might sound bit simple, but HR should always be available for its employees. Listen what your employees have to say, take their feedback and give value to their complaints regarding work or office culture. The quality of a good HR is to listen and take action over the feedbacks of their employees. And if he is a new employee, do address even the small issues or feedback. You can use the HRMS Software here that has feedback modules where an employee can fill the form.

In periodic basis, perform one-on-one sessions with them, talk to them about their personal and professional life. Make them comfortable with your office environment.

Considering these suggestions, your hiring process will become better and sound. So, are ready to become a recruiting superhero with these tips?

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