4 Ways of Marketing to Gen Z and Making Them Loyal Customers

by Yakshit Chaudhary Marketing Executive

Generation Z or Gen Z, usually referred to those born between the mid 90’s and early 2010’s. And, they will account for 40% of all consumers for any business by the year 2020.  This number does give one reason to pause and consider their potential as a target market well worth exploring.

The study conducted by MNI Targeted Media Inc. focused on gaining insight into Gen Z behaviour. MNI’s report identified certain chief traits of Gen Z – excessive reliance on social media, a high esteem for social impact, the expectation of conversation, FOMO or fear of missing out, and a high degree of tolerance.

Let’s talk about four ways of how to market to Gen Z and turn them into loyal customers.

#1 Tailor your content according to a platform

Being born in the time when social media was gaining prominence, Gen Z is highly connected and extremely comfortable with social media platforms and related technology. Ask a question, and they’re prompt with Googling or asking Alexa/Siri for the answer. They’re quite at home with switching between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. However, their use of each social media platform is fairly exact. Facebook is used to receive general updates while Twitter for staying on top of the latest news. And if Gen Z wants to share what’s happening in their life, they turn to Snapchat. Instagram is for those who wish to exhibit their aspirational selves or what they’re up to through Instagram Stories.  

Key takeaway: To tap into Gen Z’s psyche, you need to tailor your message according to each platform. This generation wants that you understand their needs and can connect with them. Your message needs to reflect its beliefs and aspirations.

 #2 Be authentic

Gen Z is socio-politically conscious, standing up for issues close to their heart. Whether it’s about supporting the freedom to speech or raising voice against gender discrimination, this generation cares about making the world a better place. At the same time, they make proactive buying choices and support brands that take a firm stance on social issues (given the brand's position aligns with their own beliefs, of course). It ultimately boils down to whether the brand cares for its customers and the society or not.

Key takeaway: To connect with Gen Z, brands will have to make tough choices and take a stand on issues which may be tricky or even controversial. OldCabs made its stance clear on discrimination when a customer cancelled a cab citing the driver’s religion as a basis. They made it expressly clear that they do not discriminate with their customers or driving partners based on their caste, religion, gender or creed.

 #3 Put faith in influencers

Celebrity and expert endorsements hold less weight with Gen Z. This generation is more likely to relate to a “real” peer online.  They follow influencers religiously, some of whom can give celebrities a run for their money in terms of followers and popularity.

Key takeaway: Brands have to move with time and come to grips with the fact that influencers do hold huge sway with their target audience i.e. Gen Z. Target, in fact, partnered with three influencers - a 12-year-old chef who owns his own cookie business, an 8-year old surfing prodigy, and a 10-year-old dancing sensation; when it decided to launch a new clothing line, “Art Class” for Gen Z. Those three young influencers we mentioned above, have a combined 10 million followers on social media. Amazing, huh?

 #4 Get the price right

As per the MNI study cited above, for 72% of Gen Z consumers, the cost is the single most important factor while making a purchase. They compare prices at different e-com sites before taking the plunge. If the price isn’t right, Gen Z isn’t taking the bite!

Key takeaway: When you’re making your move, weave a narrative about relative value into your brand messaging. But before all things, keep the bottom line in mind: Get the price right.

Gen Z is upfront with you. If you get your message and the medium right, you’ll be rewarded with its loyalty. And if you don’t, you’ll come to know about it. What matters is that you stay real and try to connect with it based on shared values. If you get this right, you’ll be in for a worthwhile relationship with Generation Z.

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Mohammad Areeb is a football buff who loves writing poetry (when the fancy takes him). He loves to let his imagination fly and is currently employed with Techjockey as a Content Writer.

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