How To Be A Triathlon Coach During The Pandemic!

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

So, you are a general coach, or specifically a triathlon coach, and you found triathlon coaching to be a little bit of a challenge in the past couple years. Well, most people of most professions have found things difficult, even those that have had to continue to operate at capacity is necessary professions have had to endure quite a lot of irritating nonsense in the wake of this pandemic.


However, for something as specific as triathlon coaching, the challenges are greater because it’s not safe for you all to meet up on a regular basis, and training is a challenge for your team due in no small part to the fact that gyms are just a place where you are begging to get all manner of sick, not just with Covid! However, you really need to understand the nature of this virus to appreciate the fact that exercising out in nature is as safe as it’s ever been. Remember, this illness does not spread very far by air, which is why social distancing is actually fairly effective any cases in preventing it from spreading. It also doesn’t go well on surfaces, meaning that while washing your hands is always a fantastic idea, shared surfaces are not likely to be a vector for spreading this illness either. So, going out in nature where there aren’t closely-crowded people, you are just fine. It’s congregating that’s the problem, and it’s traditionally seen as rather hard to be a triathlon coach when you can’t meet up with your team.


Well, this is the 21st century, and that’s not the case anymore. With the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and 5G data, any smart phone can be an instantaneous communication system as well as a complicated computation system just about anywhere you’re likely to go for daily exercise. So, you can all communicate readily from just about anywhere you’re likely to be unless you are braving the far-flung wilderness, and I can’t wrap my mind around anybody willingly doing that when things like bears exist!


So, all you really need to make this functional is a capable virtual coaching application and preferably basic biometric smart watches. Using these along with the phone itself, you can all communicate and share biodata, set up virtual races and competitions, as well as keep an eye on fitness statistics necessary for better coaching your students. You can all exercise where you want when you want, bypassing an old difficulty in agreeing on venues for exercise as well as getting schedules to line up.


Of course, it lacks some of the impact of gathering together physically, but give it a generation or 2 of this being the norm, and those physical get-togethers, while eventually safe again, will be less frequent and considered special occasions, just you watch.


When looking for an app, be sure to pick one that runs on both iOS and android, because you will never convince the user of one system to switch to the other. Also make sure that it is compatible with Bluetooth and generic smart watch protocols, thus allowing people with any kind of phone and basic biometric smart watches to be equal in capability with those that have fancier equipment.

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