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Nowadays, engineers and other professional experts are giving a lot of weight age to digital forensic tools. This is becoming the necessity for most of the organizations that are carrying out the work through computer systems. Over here there is a strong requirement of a qualified digital forensic expert. Yes, there are remarkable developments taking place in the digital investigation. This does not mean that decline in the cyber security attacks is also reducing.

Several forensic investigators lack the special qualities and the right digital credentials for making sure that all digital investigation is carried out without any hiccups. The rising number of illegal activities taking place on computer systems is becoming a menace. The adoption of computer-based techniques is playing a vital role in keeping the data completely safe.

In this article, the reader will come to know about multiple ways the digital forensics methods are used in an investigation. Now follow the general steps mentioned below –

Planning:- Nothing is possible if correct planning is not carried out. In the digital platform, things happen fast. This was, a good operator of the computer forensic tools are required to make sure that complete prioritizing of the targets is carried out. For making sure that correct and valuable results are finally obtained. You are needed to strictly follow the regulatory guidelines and the policy. While attempting to finding attendance within the right time you are likely to break several rules. This will mean that all of the evidence is considered illegal in the court of law. So, you are required to keep it legal.

You should have the right people that will assist you. In the relevant investigation procedure the presence of a professional, that is having the experience and knowledge and the experience to carry out the investigation. Plus, understand quite well that all types of digital investigation are carried out post incurring a cost. At this stage, you are required to strike a balance between the relational effort and risk to the organization.

Identification and Preservation:- In this step, the correctly identifying of the evidence, observing where it is stored. The Digital forensic tools operator guarantees that the information gathered does not tamper. Avoid using the original copies and this way protects the integrity of the original data. The expert is supposed to isolate, safeguard and protect the original copy. This way you will stop the outsiders from manipulating or destroying the evidence finally collected.

Analysis:- In these Digital forensic tools professionals again builds upon the data and then draws out judgments based on the information that is found. Firstly, create proper time-slot for different activities. Like this proper orderliness is maintained. The investigating officer should keep in mind that the collection of the data from multiple sources, this automatically means that time-stamp will be different. On collecting the relevant information based on the time stamp, the concerned person now can easily build upon the picture of the case and then and then figure out the matching evidence.

After this, you are required to analyze the evidence dependent on the evidence that is found. In all this activity you are required to be systematic about the analysis that is collected. Now carry out the necessary examinations and then either support or completely reject the findings.

Presentation:- Now in the last stage, with the digital forensic tools, the investigator finally presents the report of their findings. The presenting of the report should be free of the bias part. Always mention the dates and then present the different events based on the set order. Be smart in the creation of n appendix. Just in case there is a need for additional information or the data.

Yes, the report finally summarizes about your findings. At this stage, you are needed to make a detailed report.

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