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In the field of cyber-security, digital forensics is crucial. Due to the number of cyber-attacks, any organization must have digital forensics as part of its cyber-security strategies. Analysts who work with computer forensics aid in the prosecution of fraud and hacking accidents. In certain cases, they seek to retrieve evidence that has been obscured, encrypted, or erased from the event. They also protect data privacy by following a chain of custody that guarantees its admissibility in court. Additional and related responsibilities include providing expert advice to law enforcement and judges about the authenticity of their digital proof. They can lead or engage in interviews with suspects or victims in some cases. Digital forensics experts also assist with the preparation of evidence for court trials.

Similarly, digital forensics and other information security-related fields are expected to expand rapidly over the next decade. This would be supplemented by several career opportunities for those interested in working in some of the relevant fields.

Why business world need a digital forensics expert

In the business world, digital forensics is used to figure out the "who, when, where, and why" of breaches in order to figure out how to respond to the breach and prosecute the perpetrator. anti-forensic techniques are used by the forensic security scientist to determine where the network was traversed, what the the attacker did on the network (i.e., whether they planted ransomware or stole confidential data), and how the intruder obtained access to the computer device or network. Depending on the type of cyber-attack they are dealing with, forensics data analysts use a variety of specialized Digital forensic tools during CHFI operations. They collect data from the intruder's mobile phone, email, zip and flash drives, CDs, and other storage media, including images, notes, and texts.

Both public and private inquiries will benefit from digital forensics. The information collected is often used as a kind of intelligence assemblage for purposes other than criminal trials. The data collected, for example, will be used to track down, locate, and prevent any computer-related offenses.

How to be a computer forensic professional?

A bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a related field, such as computer science, is usually required of computer forensic investigators. Any computer forensics practitioners start their careers in similar fields including law enforcement and then completes a computer forensics training program and earn technical certification. Digital forensics professionals traditionally come from a more general computer science perspective and were often seasoned who was also familiar with many of the common techniques used in digital forensics. However, as the industry becomes more specialized, a few colleges are also offering Digital forensics training and certification. If you don’t have a special degree in this field, then by completing training or certification, you may start working in this aspiring sector.

Computer forensics roles

Computer forensics roles come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as names and duties. Furthermore, data forensics pay varies based on the specialty of which they serve. Presently associated job titles, wages, anticipated job development, and additional data about each relevant computer forensics job description are listed below.

Information security analysts- Plan and implement compliance policies to safeguard a company's data networks and systems.

Analysts in Computer Systems- Data technology analysts research and develop solutions to ensure an organization's computer processes and operations run more smoothly and successfully.

Analyst for Malware -Cyber attacks are detected, analyzed, and recorded. Programming languages and data recovery techniques are needed.

Apart from that there are several post and positions like IT auditor, security consultant and many more. If you want to start your career in this field, there are various of national and international institutions, from where you may possess certification, degree, or training.

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