How Scrap Metal is Recycled and Reused?

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The recycling of scrap metal is a very important thing to do as not to face the shortage of material, by recycling the metals you are preventing landfills and contributing towards protecting your environment too. Nevertheless, the steel casting foundry recycles and reuses the scrap metals to income money too. Scrap metals can be really easy to recycle as they are present in plenty of house-products that we tend to discard after using them for a certain time period. In this article, we are going to talk about the metal recycling process performed by the steel casting manufacturer and how the recycled material can be used.

Preparation for the Recycling of the Scrap Metal:

1. Even if the metal products are combined with other materials like plastic, at least 50 percent of the product should be containing metal that can be used in the recycling process. 

2. Usually, the Steel Casting Company chooses the products even with low metal content but can be easily extracted. 

3. The process to select your metal is categorised into two parts either ferrous (iron-containing products) or non-ferrous (everything else is classified into this category.) Generally, the workers of the steel casting foundry use magnets to identify their required materials; as the ferrous containing substances stick to the magnet while the non-ferrous ones don’t and the process of classification gets easier.

Why Should Metal be Recycled?

There are two reasons to recycle the metal –you can recycle it to make money and also the supply of metal is very limited. So instead of exhausting our resources, it is wise to use up the discarded materials to build something useful out of them.

Uses of the Recycled Metal:

1. Used for the industrial purpose: The scrap metals of iron and aluminium are being used extensively in the bridges and roads building projects. Also, the transportation industry is using up the scratch metals in manufacturing automobiles, aircraft and many other modes of transportation. The steel casting manufacturer uses up these recycled metals to produce various containers that are used for multiple purposes. Aluminium scrap is especially being used in the manufacturing of various appliances.

2. For making home furniture: The steel casting company is using all the reused scrap metals to produce decorative pieces of furniture for household purposes. The lamps, benches, gliders, and tables all are being built-up from scrap metal to give out an aesthetic appearance to your home.

3. Stronger and newer metal products: The recycled metals are further used in producing tools of higher quality with the electric furnace arc procedure. Even Stainless steel is manufactured in a similar process. The recycled copper metal undergoes reverberator and blast furnace process to produce higher-quality products. 

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