How Route Planning Software Simplifies Deliveries and Logistics?

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How Route Planning Software Simplifies Deliveries and Logistics
How Route Planning Software Simplifies Deliveries and Logistics

Route planning software simplifies the operations of the first and the mid-mile deliveries. Ever since the software aid has touched the logistics industry, the entire supply chain process has smoothened. Logistics is the connecting thread between industries. It connects the manufacturing unit to the retail industry, the oil and gas sector to FMCG needs, and eventually, all the sectors to the consumers. 

Better route planning and optimised operations can prevent unnecessary fuel wastage and costs. No matter how impeccable your manual planning is, the scope of human error and fraudulence is always there. Therefore more and more fleet owners are switching to route planning software. 

Let us discuss the benefits of Route planning software you can reap. 

  1. Choose Short and Cost-effective Routes

  • The primary function of route planning software is connecting the delivery stops and deciding on the most cost-effective route. The best part is you can prioritise your high-priority client and plan the trip sequence accordingly. Get instant notifications every time the client deviates from the assigned route. Therefore the scope of the fraudulence of unnecessary de-tours is negated. 

  1. On-time Deliveries

  • Timely delivery is the biggest game changer in the logistics industry. With software-enabled route planning, the client is happy, the fleet manager's timeline stays untampered, and everything works flawlessly. When the trip runs behind the schedule, the trip manager receives an alert. 

  1. Monitor Driver Behaviour

  • Appropriate driving behaviour is essential for a vehicle's health, performance, and consignment safety. Sometimes the consignment carried by truck is fragile, combustible and delicate. Rash driving, overspeeding, harsh cornering, etc. can hamper the goods in the containers. When the consignment is time and temperature sensitive, such as pharma products or FMCG goods, over-idling, frequent deviations, and delayed deliveries can spoil the potency of such goods.  

  1. Ensure Vehicle and Consignment Safety

  • Products such as tobacco, cigarettes, and similar products that are prone to theft, require extra vigilance and safety. However, it is only safe to avoid theft-prone areas and rather opt for different routes to avoid loss. In such cases, route planning software ensures the driver takes the assigned route only without compromising consignment safety for shortcuts. 

  1. Archive Trips for Future Use

  • The route driver follows to complete the trip gets recorded on the software. The fleet owner or manager can revisit the reports and history to check the data. They can play back the entire trip and see every halt, stop or status update. The history backup is available for six months on the software. However, you can only check for seven days of history at once.

  1. Trip Status, ETA and PODs

  • What does route planning software offer other than live tracking and route planning? You get the live vehicle status while they are in transit or otherwise. You get instant proof of delivery via an alert or SMS. You can check the real-time ETA status on the software or opt for regular ETA alerts on particular trips. 

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction 

  • When everything is in place and operations run smoothly, there is no scope for customer dissatisfaction. A customer expects timely delivery of goods in pristine condition or regular and transparent updates in case of a delay/emergency. Oblivion is not a nice place to be in for your customers or you, and route planning solutions ensure real-time updates on your fleet around the clock.

Route planning software is just one aspect of a fleet management software system. In order to understand the broader picture, visit TrackoBit, the leading fleet management software provider.

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