How Rental Cars Can be Your Better Option to Travel Amidst COVID 19 in Manila Philippines?

by Dillon Patterson Article Publisher

Yet as the pandemic continues and Covid-19 vaccinations are potentially far away, one thing for sure social distancing can be part of the normal life for longer than we wanted it to be and that includes mode of transport. Many are wondering what kind of travel would in the near term be safe and feasible. From bucket-lits road trips to far-flung destinations require travel by populated airports and confined aircraft cabins of other passengers may be too hazardous.

Alternatively, many people would probably start smaller and choose short domestic trips nearer home, which can be reached by car. But if you are someone belong to the common urban residence that does not have a car. Then you might be thinking about what might be the solution. Simply investing your money in getting a brand new car can't better for all. So only the only solution left to rent the car.

This might lead to another question whether renting cars are safe during this COVID -19 pandemic? Of course yes. If you still don't agree here in this blog I going to explain why renting cars is the safe move during this pandemic. Keep reading

As due to the huge spread of CVOID-19, as a primitive measure, the government has announced national lockdown which boring various business to hold that included transport and mobility services

However, self-drive car brands keep on improvising and come up with safety measures for the customers to ensure a safe ride. Car rental brands are giving people more reason to turn on their services. Here are some of the reason why you should choose self-drive cars.

Sanitized cars

As the spread of the COVID-19 is surging up and the risk of getting infected is very high. Car rental brands taking uttermost of the cars by sanitizing the cars thoroughly before and after every use to ensure the safety of the customers.

As maintaining and providing clean and sanitized cars are one of the most topmost priorities of car rentals service provides. Therefore every part of car right from the car door handle to seat covers, and steering to gears are sanitized and cleaned before reaching the customer, therefore, you don't have to worry about the safety.

No Need for Direct Contact

Social distancing is crucial during this pandemic. By choosing Rental cars as your mode of transport you can drastically cut down the direct contact.

Many self-drive car rental services are have switched to the digital payment system. You can make your payment directly online without worrying about any physical money transaction.

Most of the leadingcar rental brand offer doorstep delivery and pickup services which adds additional safety as you don't have to step out of your home anymore.

Keyless Entry System

As the research has proven the deadly novel coronavirus can stay on the surface for more than 2 days. Thus the panic of touching any kind of surface might continue for long. Car rental brands have come up with a solution of introducing keyless entry features which help to minimize the physical contact of using the keys.

By leverage of benefits of technology such as IoT, rental services providers ensure their customer with safe and secure services. Brands are even providing sanitizer along with the video tutorial to how to sanitize the vehicles for safer riding.

Well Trained Chauffeurs and employees

For industries like e-commerce, retail and mobility on-ground employees are crucial as they are the main aspect of the business. Thus make it essential to provide proper training regarding the safety norms for the employee.

Well, all self-drive car rental brands are striving to make sure that every employee are property guided and sticky follows all the safety procedures. This will ensure a safe ride for the customers and as well as safeguards their own health.

Flexible plans

Yet the spread of COVID-19 is still at the leap, the whole people are focusing on getting food, groceries and medicines. Therefore, buying a very own car during this pandemic is practically not possible.

This is where car rentals services come into play. Many car rental brands have cut down their prices as well as offering flexible subscription plans as per the needs of customers.

Plans ranges form renting a minimum of 1 month to 36 months without hiking up the price. Leasing cars has never been more convenient with nominal rental costs that are free of repairs and extra expenses for your personal car.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction

A business is nothing without a customer. By embracing the latest state of art technology such as IoT, Artificial intelligence and VR Car rental brands are allowing customers to reach them every way as possible.

This includes features like text messages, video calls, emails; chatbots which helps them reach them so the customers can clear any types of queries. In addition, Employees are backbone of the business also a key element in the success of any business. Brands are looking out for employees in every way by providing regular salaries, medical expense, paid leaves, salary increment etc.


Despite the world is being at a tough time dealing with deadly coronavirus, the pandemic will pass sooner or later for the time being we can clearly say renting a car is an easy, safe and better option.

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