How Playing Outside Can Be Beneficial For Your Children

by Bottle Darts Best Outdoor Games for Kids
In recent times, the lack of physical activity among young children has become a serious concern. This has led to more children developing ailments at younger ages than previously seen before. There are plenty of Games For Kids to Play Outside and outdoor games are an excellent way of promoting regular physical exercise among kids. Outdoor games are fun and can keep kids engaged for long periods. Here are a few benefits children have by playing outside:

  • Better vision: Several scientific studies have shown that children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop nearsightedness or other vision problems in the future. When we spend more time outside, our eyes get better at focusing on objects in the distance which keeps our vision perfect. On the other hand, reading or watching television changes our eye to become better at focusing on things that are nearer to us.

  • Improves social skills: When children play outside with others, they spend more time interacting with people their age. This can help improve their social skills which are immensely helpful in the long run. An outdoor environment is less intimidating and is also more likely to get children to express their views efficiently.

  • Increases attention span: With the advent of modern technology, both we and our children spend hours in front of screens whether it be computers, mobiles or the TV. However, this has disastrous effects on our attention span and as a result can also affect academic performance of your child. Playing outside can improve the attention span in young children and even in adults.

  • Promotes natural production of vitamin D: Our skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However, since a lot of kids now spend most of their time in indoor environments like the school or home, vitamin D deficiencies have become more common. This can lead to serious health problems and playing outside improves vitamin D levels in the body. 

  • Helps develop advanced motor skills: Most outdoor games like hide and seek or tag often involve considerable physical activity. This helps children significantly improve their motor skills. Young children can improve their hand-eye coordination, balance and sprinting by regularly playing outside. In fact, doctors often advise children with underdeveloped gross motor skills to spend more time outside playing games.

  • Reduces chances of physical injury: If one doesn’t exercise regularly, muscles in our body start contracting and lose their flexibility. This can lead to recurring injuries that may not be serious in the long term, but still quite painful. Playing outside gives children the chance to exercise regularly in a fun way that keeps them engaged. It also helps keep their bodies free and reduces chances of physical injury through daily activities.

  • Learn new things: Not all lessons of life can be learned inside the confines of the classroom and playing outside can teach them several things. Spending time outside opens up children to new experiences and helps them absorb new information and hone various skills. Outdoor time must be a supplement to academic progress as it has several physical and psychological benefits.

While some parents fixate on their children’s academic performance and make them study for hours, others let them play on tablets, mobiles or watch television for prolonged periods. This is detrimental to their health and parents should encourage physical exercise by teaching them Games For Kids to Play Outside.

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