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You may have come across the famous bottle flipping challenge which became viral on the internet last year. The bottle flip challenge became so popular that thousands of mobile games were created trying to recreate the same activity. Inspired by the same challenge, the Stand the Bottle Game is an innovative and fun skill game which will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

  • Simply put, this is a skill game which involves players throwing a two-thirds empty  bottle of water at a target which can be placed on any flat surface. The target mat is square in shape with each edge measuring two feet and there are scoring sections marked from one to ten points. There is no limit on the number of players that can play this game as everyone can take turns at throwing the bottle.

  • The mat available with this game uses a patent pending technology that absorbs all the sound made when the bottle is thrown at it. Another added advantage is that the mat can float on water and thus children can play this game even when they are in the pool. The mat has been specially designed to be thick enough to support the weight of the water bottle without sinking.

  • Only one bottle can be used by all the players involved to make sure everyone has the same chance of landing the bottle upright on a high score. An important rule is that the bottle has to completely rotate at least once before landing on the target or the throw is deemed invalid.

  • A common problem with indoor games like this is even if a single piece used in the game is lost or damaged, the entire game cannot be played anymore. However, if you lose the plastic water bottle, you can use any other bottle or container of similar shape. Just make sure each player uses the same bottle to ensure a fair game.

  • When the bottle lands on a solid color, the point assigned to the color is awarded to the player. If the bottle lands on the boundary between two colors, the lower of the two points are considered. To get the highest score of ten points in a throw, the bottle has to land completely within the yellow circle inside the center of the target mat.

  • If you play this game long enough, you will be able to master your bottle flipping skills which you can show to your friends. In fact, with some luck, your talent might just make you the next viral sensation as you demonstrate your accuracy and consistency at bottle flipping.

  • The game involves serious practice and proper hand-eye coordination to consistently make sure the bottle lands upright. As participants play this game regularly they can start improving their reflexes through this game.

  • Nowadays, parents are often concerned with children spending hours with games played on electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets which can be detrimental to their health. As far as this game is concerned, there are no negative effects on the body and chances of injury are minimal.

One of the main reasons that the Stand the Bottle Game has become so popular in recent times is its addictive nature. Once you start playing you won’t be able to stop for hours and if you are playing with friends, the fun is increased multiple times.

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