How Pain Management Specialist Can Help In Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain arises when the seating posture is not correct. The disc between the spinal cords is suppressed or ‘slipped’ when there is a serious hit to this area due to an accident. Many of the surgical procedures require injecting the lower back with local anesthesia which causes pain in the long run. To get the relief from such painful situation, it is advisable to go for the best treatment for lower back pain.

What does this treatment include?

Consulting a pain management expert can be an ingenious decision instead of avoiding the back pain or taking painkillers. The pain management specialist works on the problem by finding its root cause. He/she may perform the critical evaluation of the tissues causing pain and then follow a treatment plan that is sure to provide permanent relief to the problem. This treatment will comprise of:

Ø  pressure point professional massage or acupressure sessions,

Ø  mobilization of joints sessions,

Ø  exercise therapy for better blood circulation

Ø  muscle function assessment and its rejuvenation if operation is the cause of back pain

Benefits you can expect

With the best pain management therapist around, you can expect yourself in safe hands. The therapist, on the basis of his evaluation, offers completely personalized treatment leading to permanent solution to problems like back pain. Lower back is the portion that sees all our nerves emanating from the spinal cord coming together at one place. Mostly, it is a twitched nerve, a suppressed nerve or poor brain-nerve coordination that causes pain in lower back apart from the problems related to disc mentioned above. So, the best benefits of lower back pain one can derive from the pain management therapy are:

a.    Better solution: Since the pain management expert is evaluating the tissues, nerve function and doing other body assessments before starting the treatment, the outcome is always positive. The treatment availed leads to better lower back strength and you find certain confidence in yourself while sitting, walking and even running. Thus, you enjoy better quality of life all over again.

b.    Complete restoration of joint movements: All the affected joints that showed poor movement due to operation or any other reason are made to restore normalcy to a full extent. The better nerve function and joint mobilization solves problems like numbness and stiffness and one can resume tasks as before after the treatment period.

c.    Less dependence on others: The aim of pain management therapist is to make a person completely self-dependent. There can be anything more joyful than doing things by the self and leading a cheerful life with self-respect. The physical therapy techniques are aimed at restoring the full movement and strength of the joints and muscles.

d.    Fast healing of affected tissues: In post-operative management, the focus is on rehabilitating the lost and damaged tissues that are affected by the surgery of the intended body part. With functional manual therapy methods, post-operative recuperation of the body part becomes fast.


If your body is not giving you the support you require due to pain, come to the pain management center Delhi, Vardan, a Times Group Initiative committed to provide the best treatment for all kinds of body pains.

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