How online teaching apps have emerged as a game-changer.

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

With the steep rise in the use of technology paired with the accessibility of the internet, many innovations have emerged in the past two decades. It has completely changed the face of different industries all around the globe. This technological revolution has helped us achieve mind-boggling breakthroughs over time. These changing scenarios have changed our perspectives towards this world and our lives. It gave wings to our creativity and enabled our imagination to go beyond boundaries. 

This technological revolution embarked on a journey of human progress, which was going to change our lives for good. It helped us to move forward, effectively and tried to give favorable outcomes with fewer efforts to ensure efficiency. It increased productivity. No field of interest has been left untouched by the advancements made by life-changing technologies and it didn’t disappoint us. It has left its impression wherever it went. 


The education sector also didn’t lag behind when it came to implementing technology, for the use of imparting education. It realized the potential of technology and what it is capable of, in the way that can change the way education is being imparted to the students. In the beginning,  though it opened a world of numerous possibilities, its initial overall growth was slow and steady. Due to these technological advancements, many thought-provoking ideas were generated on how we can utilize this platform, to collectively transform the education system, for the betterment of the students and people related to this field. 

In the initial phase, its growth rate was steady, due to limited internet access and supporting devices. Also, the cost of these devices along with the internet was pretty high. As we strived forward with time, the internet and these devices became accessible to the masses, at a  reasonable cost. It started with educational websites, which posted study materials, course-related topics, blogs. Then it became more interesting with audio and video lessons. With the increasing affordability and accessibility, India recently became the 2nd nation with the most number of mobile phone and internet users. 

This leads us to an ocean of an uncountable number of opportunities. As a result, more and more resources were put in to develop online education. The latest addition to this online teaching solution is the increasing number of online teaching sites. The increasing trend of online learning apps has appealed to many and it looks like it is going to be the next big thing in the education sector. 

Recently when the traditional way of education, wasn’t able to fulfill the needs of the education fraternity and students, during the ongoing pandemic situation, there was an exemplary growth of users turning to online education apps, to ensure their academic journey remains on track. 

Let us see how online teaching apps have emerged as game changers in recent time and what awaits them in near future.

When unsolicited events struck the world, the only connection people were left with to communicate was – Internet. Times like covid-19 showed us the power and importance of the internet. This made education available to the students when other methods fail to do so. 

If you asked parents how they feel about their children’s education being shifted to online platforms a few years back, the majority of them would be skeptical about the concept.  Regular online classes instilled a sense of trust in them and which made online classes a  part of normalcy. 

Online classes provide you flexibility, with your academics no other method could provide, be it your location, time, course, content, or even your age. It gives you the freedom, to mold your class structure and schedule which fulfills your requirements. 

Online classes provide quality education, at a very reasonable price compared to the old school way of teaching, therefore it appeals to various classes and sections of the society irrespective of anything. 

Online education apps provide anything and everything you want to learn with just a  click of a button. Gone are the days when you have to struggle with study material and text. Need a book that is too rare or costly? No worries, online teaching apps got your back. 

Another positive thing about these apps is that you get an opportunity to learn beyond your academics, with seminars and interactive sessions being conducted periodically. 

There are no geographical barriers that hinder your holistic growth. 

Online educations apps have been flourishing for the past few years since tendency  towards these apps have been witnessed given their advantages over the traditional  method of teaching 

It is expected that online learning apps users are going to grow multifold in the coming years. 

When these advantages of new-age online teaching apps consolidated with statistics that show this industry is going to grow rapidly, the future of online learning apps looks solid. Also investment in planning and training teachers along with building more efficient infrastructure and apps, along with consideration of the feedback of the users and monitoring of development, online learning apps have emerged as a game-changer and would continue to do so in near future. 

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