4 Tips For Playing Online Rummy

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If you are an Indian then you are familiar with the game Rummy. It is usually played in households during Diwali and otherwise. This game can also be taken under the umbrella of poker because Rummy needs a strategy, tactic, it can involve money, and is a high-octane game. Let us understand the basic rules of the game through this article and learn some tips to play it right. You can play rummy card game online on Spartan. 

There are no fixed rules for playing Rummy and if you notice every household plays it differently. The game uses a standard pack with 52 cards in it and the number of players can be 2-6. The dealer of the game is decided based on the cards each individual draws from the pack. The card with the smallest number is made the dealer or they can be chosen at random too. You can play this game for a round or till you reach the set score by the end of it. There are steps to playing this game that go like this:

  1. The first step is to draw where each player picks up a card from the top of the pile or the top card from the discard pile. The card is then added to your hand without showing it to anybody else. 
  2. The next step is to arrange the cards in valid sets. That is if you have to make a sequence then your cards need to be of the same suit. For instance, your three ka sequence should be 3,4,5 of spade only. You cannot have a 3 of hearts, 4 of spade, and 5 of the club. You can also arrange cards in a set, for instance, 3 A's of hearts, spade, and club each. 
  3. You have to discard cards and this is compulsory, similar to the start of the game where you have to pick up a card from the deck towards the end of your turn you have to discard a card you do not need. 
  4. Lastly, a player goes out when all the cards in their hand are over. 

These are some of the basic rules of the game but now let us look at the tips that will help you play this game better. 

  1. One main rule in rummy is to make a pure sequence. Your first try in the game should be to make this sequence as it is challenging. 
  2. Similar to other poker games even in Rummy you need to observe the other players. Since you are playing online a common rule will be to observe the players at your table. 
  3. If you are unable to make a pure sequence or are stuck with high-value cards then get rid of them fast. Do not sit around to make a sequence. 
  4. Sometimes people tend to get rid of the jokers but always keep them. Jokers in rummy are your lifelines. 

These are just a few tips among many you can follow. Poker has several variations, you can read online poker rules on Spartan Poker. These rules have been written for every poker game, reading these rules will help you play the games better. Poker is now easy to play, all you need now is an internet connection and the right software. Make sure to create an environment where you can focus and play with full concentration. This is necessary when playing a strategic game like Poker.

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