How Olive Oil Helps Maintain Good Heart Health

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Whenever heart health is talked about, cutting on oil and other forms of fats in diet is the first advice one gets. Sedentary lifestyle is said to be the main cause of health problems as the latter arise due to heavy body. Eating healthy, however, need not be free of oil as all oils are not dangerous for heart. There are certain oils such as low cholesterol cooking oil that do not pose any threat to heart health. Olive oil is one such heart-friendly oil that helps maintain optimal cholesterol levels. With the regular use of olive oil in cooking, heart diseases can be kept at a distance and one can enjoy guilt-free eating without bothering about health issues.


Olive oil is known to reduce the cholesterol level. The cholesterol is one of the factors that cause constrictions in blood vessels leading to rise in blood pressure and poor blood flow through these. This restriction in blood vessels is the main cause of cardiac problems. So, instead of switching to completely oil-free diet, which is certainly not possible to maintain always, it is better if healthy oil alternatives are considered. The best olive oil available in India, therefore, is the best option to consider for dressing salads and for seasoning curries.


Polyphenols are the health-promoting components in the best olive oil in India. The polyphenol level can be altered to create different classes of olive oils. Not all people need exceptionally high polyphenol content. Thus, those people who are healthy at heart can choose low polyphenol containing olive oil to start with and to prevent occurrence of heart diseases. Apart from oil, inclusion of vegetables and fruits and daily exercising are ideal way of maintaining good heart health.


Olive oil helps reduce daily calorie intake. The calorie count of food when not set off with the working out leads to increase in body weight. The calorie count, therefore, needs to be checked by using olive oil in India, so that the diet control plans can be followed without starving mindlessly. Olive oils cause decrease in oxidative stress markers and cause increase of HDL levels which collectively provides more protection to heart. The correct heart function can be maintained optimally with the help of olive oil cooking. Thus, if you pay attention to diet, and switch to healthy oils instead of heavier ones, you can do a great help to heart.


How to use correct olive oil for cooking

Heart-friendly cooking is possible easily with the use of olive oil. But, the art of extracting the best benefits of this oil lies in shopping for the correct one. There are a number of olive oils spread over the shelves in superstores. Picking the ideal one from you can be tricky. The important thing to find out is polyphenol level. If this is clearly mentioned on the label, one can find the correct oil without any doubt.

Virgin oil is not crystal clear as it is marketed in the name of more refined oil. The best benefits are retained in not so clear olive oil which is bit hazy in appearance due to the presence of components which are considered good for heart. So, select wisely to add heart-friendly ingredient in your diet.

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