How Much Time Does It Take To Succeed In Network Marketing?

by Pawan Yadav Blogger

There have been multiple misconceptions about network marketing and one of that is the easiness of it. Those who believe that success in this industry can come within a few weeks and they’ll start minting gold are up for disappointment. However, unfortunate it is, growth in this sector has always been slow. It has taken many (now) big names 2 years to even set up their network when they began.

The traditional methods of network marketing have been slow yielding, resulting in more drop outs than an engineering college. People don’t have the patience to survive another month without proper sales or network. However, this is up for a change soon.

With the advent of digital, multiple businesses, categories and even industries have moved towards the online presence of their business. Brands like Tupperware that survived on network marketing or MLM as you call it, for years, have suddenly moved their interests towards major online aggregators. Why this change? That’s due to the fact that a business in 2020 has their audience spending maximum time on the internet. Especially during this pandemic, when the whole nation is on a lockdown, everyone is finding a source of entertainment to spend their time.  With YouTube becoming the highest engaging platform, digital engagement has also grown.

In short, success in network marketing is just a matter of willpower and one’s ability to cope with stressful situations. Network marketing secrets are usually guarded by every networker, mostly because some of them just want others to join them without any questions. You might have heard that network marketing is a stress-free profession that also pays well.

Does that mean you can succeed in network marketing and faster? Surely. That does allow you to lower the TAT that was usually 6-8 months to maybe just a couple of days. Response rate from a customer can be a lot lesser now.

There are still ways in which you can climb the success ladder much faster than anyone else. Below are a few network marketing success tips that might help you do so:

Have an address:

Website of all methods has proven to be effective as it builds an identity and trust for your brand as well as you. With digital being the future of almost all industries, creating your own website should be on top of your list to hop on this wave.

How many times do you read about a brand and go on their website to check out its authenticity? Maybe every time. That’s why a digital address like a website allows you to build a solid customer base that trusts you and your product.

Customized communication:

The easier the communication, the better relatability you build with your customer. Well, you must understand that in the online world, your content speaks for what you represent. your content should have a balance between sales driven and purely informational. The usage of the product, its benefits, its first hand experiences drive more sales than pure push content. If the content is good, customer credibility will increase and will result in higher leads.

Be the social butterfly:

Once trust is built via a website, your social media presence also adds a bit to your credibility. More conversations with your audience on their primary platform will help drive more leads. By being active on social media, you’ll get to know what’s going on around the world, and if you can relate to others in a few specific areas, they might end up being fond of you.


Target and retarget:

As per traditional methods of network marketing, once a lead is lost, you need to give it some time before approaching it again. However, digital allows you to re-reach the same set of audience who have probably dropped from your system. It lets you customize your message to them so that it's relevant..

Choose the right company

Obviously this is where your success journey will start. Choosing the right network marketing venture for your starting point is something that’ll define your future. Choose the one that understands its employees and knows what they want. As a new and fresh face in any industry, it is important for you to have a person who could guide you towards the right path. For network marketers, that guide is the company or the venture itself. 

A credible network marketing venture is one that maintains transparency between the top and lower tiers. So, you are always aware of what’s going on and where you are headed.

Read some relevant content

The Network marketing industry, apart from being able to manufacture many successful entrepreneurs, is also responsible for many talented writers. You can find a whole roaster to writers affiliated with the network marketing industry and who have penned down their success stories for the masses to read. Network marketing eBooks are the most common way for you to get to know some mind-blowing success secrets, but you can also opt for blogs or online training courses that have specifically curated content for newbie network marketers.

Be the Guide that your Downline Deserves

Just like you, the people that you recruit would also require the right kind of guidance. As teamwork is an important aspect of the network marketing industry, teaching your downline a few tricks that could help them close some leads would definitely help your network. You must work towards improving the skills of your downline; it would further help in making your network grow much smoothly and without any obstruction. 

The above tips must be registered in your mind. They might lead you towards success much faster as compared to others, but if they don’t, then you must know that you are on the right track and that sometimes it may take some time. All you have to do is enjoy the journey. Success is not a fruit of restlessness; instead, it is a fruit of patience. With better use of digital, the chances of you converting your pool of leads to customers. The time period required to reach success will reduce considerably.

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