How Much Does a Home School Tutor Cost?

by Aurangzeb Khalid Marketing

Home schooling is increasing now, parents prefer their children to get homeschooled. The need for home school tutors is on high demand. Parents who do most of the home schooling require a home tutor for one or two of subjects. Tutoring is a great of getting one on one attention. An experienced and qualified tutor is required for subjects that are either too difficult or require intensive information and expertise.

However, due to high demand home tutoring can cost you some slack if you don’t keep in mind some important factors that can affect the cost of home tutoring. These are quite basic but can be easily overlooked.

Parents are interested in knowing about how much home school tutoring costs but they are unsure. You can keep these factors in mind and secure yourself from spending too much. Knowing these will allow you to have leverage over the money you spend.

Thanks to technology, you can try online tutoring which is time-efficient and cost effective. Online tutoring is the leading trend in education. You can get education at comparatively low prices as compared to traditional home tutoring. There are other things as well that can be kept in regard if you want low costs in traditional teaching styles.

These factors are the following:

1.     Age of the Students

The age of the students is proportional to the class grade of the students. The higher the level of education the more expensive the tutor will get. This is due to the qualification level of the tutor and skill level. Qualified tutors charge more for their expertise and time.

Mostly high-level tutors will cost you more and be more effective as well. According to the student and education system, the cost may vary a lot.  With more age you get the opportunity to have a choice of choosing the perfect tutor for your child. The choice comes with high cost as well but this is necessary if you want your child to develop the skills that are important to pass through that level.

2.     Subject of Study

You can get a tutor for almost any subject you want from core subjects like Math, English and Sciences to subjects like singing, photography etc. the subjects and options are limitless. You can get a tutor according to your demand depending upon how many tutors are in your area or have the trend to tutor that subject.

There is high competition in subjects which are core because you will probably get more tutors for these subjects; tutors will tend to go for volume of students over quality of students. Subjects that have high demand but very few tutors will prove to be more expensive than others. So for that you need to make sure that your area has those tutors in demand.

3.     Tutor Experience

The more experience your tutor has the more he will charge, there is nothing wrong with this but this also corresponds with the above mentioned point. The more tutors available for a subject will increase the competition. Mostly well-known teachers get the upper hand at getting more students because of either referrals or market name.

Although an experienced tutor costs more the skills they have is highly important for your child to have, your will be better off getting them and secure a much better grade with them.

4.     Distance and Location

The location and distance of your tutor from your home can be a huge factor in determining the cost that you will have to pay up for the services of the tutor. If you live far away from reach then you might pay more and if you are close enough you might pay up less.

 The distance and location is the main thing that works when a tutor is being selected. Tutors located in the central part of the cities tend to have it easier for themselves as well this is because they can easily move and relocate themselves when required.

This can be helpful in saving them fuel cost as well. If you live a bit far from central city then the fuel cost will obviously be more and the burden will end up being upon you.

5.     Time and Frequency

One of the biggest factors that affect the cost of tutoring is the frequency of lessons you get from them. Mostly tutors cost around an hour per session cycle but as the number of classes you get from them increases the overall cost and fee also increases. This means that the more classes or time you take from them the more you have to pay them.

Your frequency of taking classes can be because of the complexity of the subject as well as the level of understanding you have. Also the time you study from them is also a factor because they have to cut time from their slots.  

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