How Kids Of this Digital Age Depend on the Internet

by Rosie H. My name is Rosie Harman (formerly Rosalie Glubbons

As resident s of this contemporary Digital Age, Internet has revolutionized our lives, so much so that all our activities have changed. Not just adults, but children are also equally affected and influenced by the aforementioned amenity. Since kids absorb changes and they witness the use of gadgets by the adults all the time, so, they also tend to use technology and their habits, activities and sporting dynamics have clearly changed. Even toddlers show interest in our fancy devices, and even imitate how elders use their phones.

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Let us see how Internet has changed the habits and activities of our dear children.

How Internet Changed the Sporting Dynamics of Children

From being outdoor lovers to becoming online-gaming addicts, Internet has immensely changed the sporting dynamics of children. When we were kids, we used to play outdoor games so much that unless our parents stopped us, we wouldn’t cease playing.  Kids of this day and age are lacking on being creative because they have a very limited engagement with the nature. Being glued to the gadget screens, how can they play all those self-imagined and self-created games and experience to live in the playing world that we (parents) used to enjoy as kids.

This is, however, altogether a different discussion how unhealthy it is, according to both physical and mental health perspectives, but yes, Internet has entirely changed children’s sporting dynamics.

Their favorite games are the online games now, they have nothing to do with jumping in puddles or cycling crazily in all the neighborhood streets or to co-play a game in the garden, imagining to be somewhere in a magical castle, all they want is a nice gadget and a steady subscription to a Spectrum High Speed Internet, and they are good to go for the rest of the day!

Change in Educational Modes and Resources

Internet has also changed the ways our children studied. Some schools have even introduced gadgets such as iPads and tablets to be used by each child inside the classroom, instead on making long notes on the stereotypical books and notebooks.

Libraries are replaced by e-books and online research articles. Like everyone else is guilty of using Google for their researches of all possible types and kinds, we cannot really blame children if they do the same for their educational researches.



Ever noticed how children are becoming more and more isolated and anti-social? Well yes, they are. And again, adults are to blame, since they are setting this example in front of their young ones themselves. Gone are the days when children became ecstatic at the very idea of guests with kids coming over. Or to interact and play endless games with other neighborhood kids during outdoor playing sessions in the common, society park.

Our gadgets-obsessed children show their interest in other kids only to the extent, that they would occasionally share the online-game they were playing with some kid who is, perhaps, visiting. Or probably watch a rhyme or stream an animated cartoon-movie together on the gadget screen. Cyber kindness that babies show!

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