How Forklift Lights Increase Safety in Construction Areas

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Forklift trucks are integral components for transportation and carrying loads in warehouses and various logistics companies. However, for these trucks to move safely and not cause harm to other individuals. They need to be fitted with either red or blue lights. Not only do the lights help the forklift operators to see their paths, but they also warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s arrival.

How to order forklift blue lights

It is easy to order these forklift lights from reputed vendors through the Internet. You will find a number of companies offering forklift accessories at very attractive rates. Remember to use your discretion while choosing a particular company for accessories such as warning lights. Do not deal with companies which manufacture cheap quality accessories which are incapable of lasting for a reasonable amount of time. The use of good quality accessories will also increase the confidence of employees in your company, who will feel safe at all times.

Are they mandatory?

So far, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has not made the use of forklift warning lights mandatory, but they are still very important for employee safety. Companies may be benefited if these lights are considered compulsory. Every employee deserves to have Safe working standards, which can be provided by forklift accessories like blue warning lights.   

In some parts of the world, forklifts these days are available with Collision Warning Systems. Today’s equipment can warn the driver about stationary or moving objects in the operator’s immediate surroundings. It uses a multi camera setup to provide an all round view, even if there are blond spots. If the forklift is being driven past rows of shelves or aisles, the operator will get to know if anyone is standing, kneeling, or moving next to the vehicle.  

Where can a forklift blue light online be fitted?

Whether you are looking to fit red or blue warning lights, they can be attached to the overhead guard or mast, along with a mounting system. Once installed on the overhead guard, there are very few chances of them being knocked off or crushed during operation. They are also in a perfect position for illuminating the path, whether in front or at the back.

Methods to prevent forklift accidents

1. Organized and clean warehouses- Clean and organized warehouses are the places which can be considered safe. Such places will not have obstructions in the lanes, allowing easy forklift movement. Also, areas in the warehouse and around it should be well lit.  

2. Well maintained forklifts- Forklifts ought to be subjected to routine inspections before an operator starts his shift. The operator should also be alert and check for proper tire inflation, leaks, and also inspect engine belts, the fork mechanism, and hydraulic hoses.

3. Proper loading and unloading procedures- Unmaintained loading docks can always lead to mishaps. As a result of poorly stacked loads or high speeds, overturned forklifts are often visible. Proper adherence to maximum forklift speeds must be ensured in the warehouse.      

Regular training- Training on forklift safety must be imparted to all employees working close to forklifts, and not just to their operators.

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