How Face Surgery in Delhi Improves Your Face Symmetry?

by Dr Sanchaita Kohli Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

How Face Surgery in Delhi Improves Your Face Symmetry?

Face symmetry is a facial aesthetic feature wherein the two vertical halves of your face are similar to one other. That indicates the position, size, shape and placement of each facial component and feature are on the vertical plane. Any disproportion in this is termed facial asymmetry. The degree of discrepancy varies among people. However, a slight variation of facial symmetry exists in every face and is unnoticeable. Nevertheless, a wide range of discrepancies can form around facial symmetry, and many individuals seeking a more aesthetic facial balance are looking for remedies. This blog caters to their aspiration.

Let us understand in detail.

Asymmetrical face correction in Delhi may develop from conditions like hemifacial microsomia, condylar hypoplasia, accidents, sports injury etc. Environmental causes like trauma, tumour, and infection also mark the asymmetry. It also causes psychological and functional implications to the affected individuals, leading to a lowered self-confidence and impaired jaw function.


Maxillofacial surgeons are experts in treatment modalities of facial asymmetry through face surgery in Delhi.

A proportionate facial symmetry is defined by the 'rule of thirds'. According to this rule, "forehead length should be one-third of the total length of the face. It should be more or less equal in length to one-third lower face and one-third midface”.

Treatment Options for Achieving Face Symmetry


According to the extent of the asymmetry, your surgeon selects the best treatment option. Let us analyse the treatment options for the same. They include corrective jaw surgery, fat grafting, distraction osteogenesis and facial trauma management.


Facial Trauma Management


Facial trauma management in face surgery in Delhi is the surgical treatment for any injured facial tissues, including the bones that affect one side of the face more than the other, causing asymmetry.  Displaced fractured facial bones are repositioned and then fixed with biocompatible titanium plates and screws. It ensures restoration of facial symmetry.


Augmentation with Grafts / Implants / Fat


Mild asymmetry is corrected through augmentation procedures in face surgery in Delhi. They are corrected by augmenting the undersized or underdeveloped area of the face.


This procedure includes grafting or insertion of implants. The augmentation material may be a customised implant; extra fat suctioned out from your body through liposuction or bone grafts. The choice of augmentation material varies according to the size and nature of the abnormality.


Corrective Jaw Surgery


Mild to moderate asymmetry can be treated permanently with corrective jaw surgery. It is the surgical separation of the jawbones from the facial skeleton. They are reshaped, realigned, and repositioned with biocompatible titanium plates and screws. Genioplasty surgery is often also recommended alongside corrective jaw surgery for enhanced outcomes.


Distraction Osteogenesis


Distraction Osteogenesis is a surgical approach for severe facial deformities. It lengthens the deformed and underdeveloped or short facial bones. This treatment modality is preferred when there is a combination of both bone and soft tissue deformity imparting gross face asymmetry.


Through these procedures, you can attain a better, well-defined face symmetry and gain confidence in your appearance.


Dr Sanchaita Kohli is an expert maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, offering effective facial symmetry treatments. Her extensive knowledge in every nuance of face surgery and anatomy assures exceptional and most natural-looking results.  The state-of-the-art facilities at her disposal ensure the best treatment and care, minimising complications.






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