What is the Cost and Recovery for Chin Reduction Surgery

by Dr Sanchaita Kohli Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Chin reduction surgery or genioplasty surgery involves setting back an overly protruding chin. A chin with too much projection can cause a lot of insecurity and emotional distress by compromising facial balance. Thus, many people opt for a genioplasty that involves reshaping and repositioning the chin, improving facial contours.

Chin reduction today is a very safe and simple procedure due to the advanced technologies and equipment available. Ultrasonic bone surgery works on bone alone while avoiding any trauma to nearby nerves and tissues. Such innovations ensure much safer and more effective procedures with permanent results. 

When patients hear about such advancements, they are often worried about the dent this will put in the wallet. We want to help dispel some of that fear by helping you understand the cost of genioplasty. 

The Cost of Chin Reduction Surgery

Like any medical procedure, surgery is expensive. It requires surgical professionals with a keen understanding of the anatomy and aesthetics of the face. With technology and techniques evolving every day, choosing the right surgeon and centre can be daunting and expensive. However, you must keep in mind that getting chin reduction is a permanent solution to the distressing deformity of an unshapely chin. You are investing in yourself and your happiness. Choosing someone highly qualified and experienced is what your body deserves. 

While we cannot give you an industry standard for genioplasty surgery, we can recommend what you should look at when you consider the worth of the surgery:

  • Expert Surgeon: The more qualifications and experience your surgeon has, the more expensive they may be. However, the more precise and natural-looking your results will also be. Choosing the right surgeon matters a lot since they determine your outcome and your wellbeing. Therefore, they need to know the latest techniques like placing the incision inside the mouth to hide the scar and shaving the bone down precisely for better results. If they have access to high-quality technology, that only improves your likelihood of excellent results.
  • Equipped Centre: Choosing a centre that houses advanced technologies and equipment along with access to competent doctors and caring staff may drive up the cost of surgery, but it would be well worth it. Truly comprehensive centres will have access to 3D simulation technology that helps you visualise the outcome before you get your chin reduction. More importantly, the comfort and postoperative care offered at a good centre cannot be overrated.

Together, the surgeon and centre may be expensive, but the results you get will be worth it. Furthermore, with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology, you also endure minimal downtime.

Recovery After Chin Reduction Surgery

After genioplasty, you can go home on the same day. At a well-equipped centre, you should experience minimal postoperative pain and a speedy recovery. Some hallmarks of this recovery process include:

  • Mild swelling for some days
  • Soft food and restrict exercise for seven days
  • Using a saline mouthwash to maintain wound hygiene
  • Temporary lip numbness for a few weeks
When performed by an expert like Dr. Sanchaita Kohli, recovery after your procedure is a breeze. As a specialized maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Kohli understands the nuances of facial aesthetics necessary for the superior and natural-looking results at RG Aesthetics!

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