How Entrepreneurs Can Build Creative Thinking

by World Winn World Winn

Creating a business from nothing requires creative thinking ability which seems to be a strong suit of many successful and accomplished entrepreneurs. Some people are naturally creatively inclined whereas other believe that they don’t have a creative bone in their body. Fortunately, creative thinking is a skill that can be practiced and built. Here are a few thought starters for budding entrepreneurs to develop their creative thinking abilities.

Stay Curious

One trait that goes hand in hand with creativity is curiosity. Child-like curiosity leads to challenging the status-quo or what is generally thought to be expected norm. Learn to be curious about everything and to ask questions. Challenge assumptions including your own. Curiosity helps you to come up with strategies and to change a dream or an idea in to reality.

Embrace Uncertainty

One of the traits of the human mind is the need to be certain about everything. Abandon the idea of absolutes and instead embrace paradoxes, contradiction and ambiguity. Being comfortable with uncertainty helps to build creativity, solve complex problems or situations and manifest original ideas.

Be Open Minded

Creative minds such as innovators and successful entrepreneurs are very likely to be open minded. Learning to consciously examine prejudices and judgments and looking at situations and people objectively helps the creative mind to develop new and interesting connections, associations and insights. Remaining stuck in your way of thinking closes your mind off to learning which stifles and eventually kills creativity.

Trust Your Abilities to Solve Problems

Any successful entrepreneur will agree that a success mindset naturally fosters creativity. Finding ways to push through obstacles and difficult situations is what sets the most successful entrepreneurs apart from the average or unsuccessful ones. Persistence with an idea despite dead-ends and challenges force the mind to fall back on deep reserves of creativity that you aren’t aware of. This is why successful people generally seem self assured even in crisis situations.

Logic Isn't Always the Answer

Common sense and logic can only get you so far. In fact, creativity and logic are often at odds with each other. There may be situations where you are required to abandon reason and instead think contrary to what conventional wisdom dictates. Thinking outside the box and experimenting with new ideas fosters creativity.

You don’t need to be naturally creative to develop this essential business skill. Practicing some these tips consistently will improve your ability to be more creative.

A competent Business Coach can help you to build and practice your creative thinking skill and leverage new and exciting ideas to achieve entrepreneurial success. Contact WorldWinn to hire a business coach in the Greater Toronto Areas including Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.


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