GPS Tracking 101: How White Label Fleet Management Software Doing Wonders for Logistics

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GPS tracking is the process that determines the exact location of objects with the technology called the Global Positioning System. With its help, we can monitor speed, time, direction, behaviour, and a lot more. 

White Label Fleet Management Solution providers like TrackoBit are leveraging GPS Tracking technology to optimize various industrial sectors GPS along with GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications) makes the perfect combination to pull off the tasks. 

What is GPS?

Global Positioning is a global radio-navigation system primarily sponsored and supervised by the U.S. Department of Defence. The baseline satellite constellation consists of 24 satellites. These satellites are placed in 6 different earth-centred orbital planes with 4 operation satellites and an extra satellite slot in each orbital plane. Every GPS Satellite relays accurate position (Longitude & Latitude) and time signals. 

How does GPS Fleet Tracking work?

For the comprehensive GPS Tracking solution, we need three imperative components to complete the required circuit. 

  1. Tracking Device (Hardware) to receive signals from GPS Satellites

  2. GPS Tracking server to store data 

  3. User Interface (Software) for the end-user 

The device installed in the vehicle has a sim that provides the network(GPS+GSM) for receiving and releasing data. This device sends data to the central server. The data is then translated and represented in an easy to understand manner to the fleet managers through the software. 

The result appearing on the app/web screen involves advanced level automation to simplify the complicated process. 

What are the benefits of Fleet Management Solutions?

GPS tracking has only proved to be a boon to the logistics industry. It has speeded up the pace of the industry. The operations are smooth and hassle-free for fleet managers. Today, managing a fleet is not the same as it used to be two decades back. 

70-80% of the job has been optimised by automation. It not only improved the efficiency of the industry but also led to swelling profit margins. White Label Fleet Management Software has many advantages that improve the overall performance of the fleet. Let’s discuss the benefits of the Vehicle Tracking system.

  1. Automation takes the charge

The majority of the manual tasks in the logistics sector have been optimised and automated using Telematics- from managing the vehicles to fetching data, instant alerts, accurate reports to predictive analysis. It helps in making informed business decisions. 

  1. Better Customer Service

Now, the dealers and customers are more satisfied as they get the exact whereabouts of the consignments. Gone are the days when rough estimation was sailing the boat. Live tracking and precise ETA predictions have simplified the process for both customers and service providers. 

  1. Reduced Fuel Costs

Fuel expense tops the list of expenditures of a fleet owner. More than the actual cost, it was fuel wastage that hurt. Vehicle Tracking solutions have improved fuel economy easily by 25%. It helped fleet managers to spot the problem areas and correct them all from one place itself. GPS Tracking helps in managing everything in one place - from working on driving behaviour to improving vehicle health, restraining fuel theft and opting for route optimization.

  1. Ensures the Security of Vehicles

Real-time alerts, high compatibility with sensors and 24*7 uptime of the Fleet Management software ensures vehicle security all day long. Not just that, features such as Immobilisation, Parking Scheduler and Battery disconnection alerts improve vehicle security.  

  1. Accurate Reports

Maintaining manual reports and database is a thing of the past. With Telematics and GPS Tracking, you automatically get the data and insights on the platform itself. Whatever information you require is available at your disposal. 

  1. Optimised Service and Maintenance

Now, you will not forget about your servicing dates, neither will you have to maintain a physical record of servicing and maintenance. You start getting automatic reminders fifteen days in advance with all the details of the vehicle. Not only that, but you also receive expiry reminders and renewal of annual permits, licenses and insurances. 

  1. Reduced Paperwork

Everything that you read so far happens online. You get digital proof, e-mails, e-invoices, electronic reminders that you can access digitally. You do not have to maintain physical files, papers and documents. It is your first step towards going green. You not only reduce carbon footprints but also save paper. 

GPS Tracking Simplifies Operations Across Industries

No matter what the industry is, technology has optimised the functioning of every sector. GPS Tracking is one such technology that has accelerated the growth of various domains. 

As we always keep repeating, GPS tracking comes in handy for more purposes than just tracking location. 

 Let’s track the role of Telematics solutions in various industries and how it adds value to the existing model.  

  1. Logistics and Fleets

The logistics sector has made maximum use of this technology to optimise its operations. From a small fleet owner to logistics giants, everybody has discovered the potential of Vehicle Tracking Software.

It comes with essential features such as  Fuel Monitoring, Live Tracking, Trip Management, Last Mile Delivery, Tyre pressure management, Driver Behaviour Monitoring and whatnot.


  1. Employee Management

Gone are the days when managing the field task force was a battle. Today, it seems impossible for an individual to manage everything manually, from maintaining a record of attendance, assigning tasks, teammates, client location to monitoring employee progress, performance and taking daily updates. 

Automation has taken off the load from the managers and improved their and their team efficiency. Now everything is manageable over the phone. You receive updates via alerts.  Attendance, reporting, assigning of tasks, and so much more happens with a few clicks in a matter of minutes. 

  1. Railways

A lot goes into the flawless and non-stop functioning of Railways across the world. Millions of gang men and keymen patrol along the railway tracks to monitor and service the line. 

With GPS Tracking coming in handy, it becomes convenient to monitor and coordinate with multiple men at different locations busy with different tasks. It becomes easier to track their route, work status, whether they visited the assigned spot or not. It also ensures their safety. 

  1. Asset Tracking

When you take responsibility for a billion-dollar consignment it becomes imperative to track its whereabouts and ensure on-time delivery. Now, GPS Tracking has made it possible to fetch the real-time location of the assets while they are on the move. 

Unlike vehicle tracking devices, asset trackers do not require a wire connection. They are portable and wireless, which makes them so favourable to use. These cross border consignments go through a lot to reach the destination. 

  1. School Bus Tracking

Children safety is a crucial matter not only for parents but also for school authorities. GPS Tracking software ensures the safety of school students while they are on their way to school/home. It enables parents and school management to track the real-time location of the student, the driving behaviour of the driver on duty and the route assigned/followed by him. 

These are some of the most basic features that the School Bus Tracking System would have. Bus attendance, choose/change the dropping location, alerts, etc. are some additional features.

  1. Public Services Sector

Like we said earlier, use cases of GPS Tracking software are many. The government is incorporating Telematics in the public services sector- from managing waste collection to ambulance locating/tracking, simplifying police patrolling and much more. It has not only made analysis and management easy but also simplified the data collection and storage process. Cloud has replaced repositories. 

White Label GPS Tracking Software

In the era of cut-throat competition, people are using technology to stay ahead of the curve and improve efficiency. White label Vehicle Tracking software has made the process even more smooth. The entire logistics and transportation domain has shown tremendous improvement in their performance.

Let’s get into the types of White label services you’ll find at your disposal in the industry.  

  1. (Not Really) Basic White Label

This is the most basic plan that is commonly opted by the companies. As the title suggests, it does not have much to offer. Honestly, this does not fall under the category of a white label, but various companies provide this service in the name of a white label. 

  • Yes, the web domain is in your company's name that you have to provide to the software company. 

  • Your logo is displayed inside the portal but not on the login page of the App.

  • You do not get a dedicated app on the app store by your name.

  1. Standard White Label

You can establish your own separate space online with this service. It’s white-label in the true sense where there is no trace of your service provider. 

  • You get a dedicated app(Android & IOS) and web portal for your brand. 

  • All the details and information on the Play Store are yours.

  1. Design White Label

The topmost category of them all. In design white-label, you get a completely different look and feel of the software. It’s unique and belongs to you entirely. TrackoBit specialises in providing customised GPS Tracking software. 


  • You get a made-to-order user interface and experience. The theme belongs to you. It can be replicated for one of your customers. 

  • You get your App(Android & IOS) and web portal.

  • Both Android and IOS Apps get a complete make-over.

Logistics Industry is immensely dependent on GPS Tracking for efficient operations. Gone are the days when manual operations could sail the boat. We, at TrackoBit, provide complete Fleet Management solutions along with top-notch software support. Customised solutions are our specialisation and we have delivered more than a hundred completely made-to-order GPS Tracking systems. 

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