How Does Prefabrication Support Adequate Storage of Food to Minimize Post-Harvest Losses?

by EPACK Solution Best-Prefabricated Structure Manufacturer in India

Food consumables form a major portion of every nation’s economy. Of all the food that is consumed, about 30% is perishable and has a short shelf life.  That is why the need for food storage facilities that enable suitable conditions for keeping the agricultural produce from rotting is essential.  


cold storage room helps prevent post-harvest losses and significantly enhances the shelf-life of consumables while keeping the freshness and flavor intact.  


The agricultural supply chain network comprises myriad elements and there are risks of losses at each and every stage. It has been accounted that the highest percentage of losses in the fresh produce industry occurs during storage due to inefficient cold storage rooms.


Control Post-Harvest losses with prefab constructed cold


In order to prevent post-harvest spoiling of food items, it is essential that innovative and highly efficient solutions for cold room enclosures must be integrated into the agricultural supply chain. With the inception of prefabrication construction technology, the food industry at a large has gained amazing advantages.     


Through swift construction of affordable, durable and highly efficient enclosures, it becomes possible to achieve a vast scale alleviation of post-harvest losses mostly due to use of these factories fabricated structures that come enveloped in cold storage insulated panels to ensure maximum thermal efficiency while making the overall structure virtually leakproof.   


Tio ensure that the consumer is able to savor the fresh flavors of various harvested foods, it is essential that efficiency and safety be achieved at each and every stage of the fresh produce supply chain. 


Here are the various stages that form the fresh produce post-harvest cycle -  

  •      Harvest   
  •      Precooling 
  •      Transportation
  •      Packaging 
  •      Cold storage 
  •      Market display 


Of all these stages, cold storage is one of the most essential ones as the vulnerability of spoiling of food are the highest at this stage.


How does prefabrication help support the food production industry?


Prefabrication is an innovative construction technology that involves factory manufacture of individual structure components that get transported to the site for final assembly. Through this process, involvement of controlled environment for fabrication and construction results in higher control over quality and inspection standards so that greater efficiency can be guaranteed.


Involving the use of innovative material types, insulated structures with better temperature retention abilities and 100% leak proof construction has been made possible with this technology. As perishability is a key feature of fresh produce items, the levels of vulnerability to the same can be significantly minimized with the use of prefabricated cold rooms.


In order to achieve optimum conditions for safe storage of harvested foods before being distributed to the consumer markets, it is imperative that the efficient methods of cold storage as furnished by prefab constructed temperature control structures and banana ripening chambers be implemented.  


A perfect range of innovative modular constructed prefab cold rooms   


EPACK is a leading prefab construction solutions provider and has a comprehensive portfolio of innovative modular construction offerings that enable swift, efficient, durable and cost-effective construction. These structures are sustainable and ensure the best utilization advantages as well.

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