How Does Cloud Help Accountants Manage Risk

by Lunna Walker Accountant

With the increasing popularity of cloud computing, more number of accountants are being added to the list of cloud users each day. Several accountants agree that they are either using quickbooks hosting on the cloud or are planning to do so in the near future.

So, what has made Quickbooks hosting on cloud so popular among the accountants?

Several reasons account for the popularity cloud has gained in a relatively shorter span.

Outdated Never

Accounting firms benefit dearly from quickbooks cloud hosting because, for one, they always stay up-to-date with technology. Cloud service providers make it a point to always upgrade their technology with what’s new.

Saves Costs

With service providers updating the technology, accounting firms save a huge bet on the cost of upgradation. Also, quickbooks hosting on cloud comes with a list of applications and abundant storage. Thus, the company saves a host on overhead costs. No need to buy accounting software, huge servers and space to store the critical data. It is all done for by the cloud service providers.

24*7 Support

For every service issue or technical glitch, service providers come with a skilled team. Customers can also make certain changes if required. Thus making IT management a lot more easier than before.

Universal Access

Hence, the name comes to be ‘the Cloud’. Quickbooks hosting on cloud means the accountants and their clients can access their data anytime and anywhere. Also, the data can be reached on any device include MacBook, iPad or notebook, smartphones, etc. All the client needs is a working internet connection to access the important data whenever needed.

What Risks Can Be Managed With These Features?

The traditional accounting methods came with a trail of risks that were not so easy to look after. Thankfully enough, quickbooks hosting on cloud has risen above these common risks and saved the accountants and their clients from an array of worries. Here is how cloud helps accountants to manage the following risks:

Loss of Critical Data

Earlier with traditional accounting methods, all of the client’s crucial information stayed at the company’s own servers. Risks of data theft is quite high in that case and human errors like deletion of critical data are unavoidable to some extent. With quickbooks hosting on cloud, the data is stored remotely on a third party computer with several backups. Hence, risk of loss of critical data averted.

Damages to Hardware

Not only the data is at risk, traditional methods may also face hardware glitches. In case the serves are disrupted or damaged beyond repair, critical data may be lost forever. Companies have to invest a lot of time and money to create backups. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, comes with multiple backups to a single user’s data.

Lack of Effective Communication

With all the data at one platform and easily accessible 24*7, accountants and clients can stay at the same page when communicating. Better communication means enhanced problem solving and effective discussions. It also improves flexibility as discussed in the next point.

Less Flexibility

Before cloud, flexibility was not so much of a possibility. With geographical limitations holding on to both accountants and clients, regular activities took longer than they should. Communication was less effective if client and accountant were not present at the same place, at the same time.

With quickbooks hosting, accountants and clients can work on the same data from anywhere around the globe. Also, any number of people can be provided access to the secured data if required.

What Do Accountants Do?

The first and foremost thing to do is to upgrade. Accountants, if not already on cloud, will soon be under pressure from clients to update their services.

Once decided to move to the next step, firms need to find a suitable cloud hosting service provider. Accounting firms need to know what their requirements are when finding a service provider.

Most quickbooks hosting providers offer a free trial period to help you decide better.

Why To Make It Quick?

Accounting sector has recently reached a new high. With clients becoming tech-savvy and firms not shying away from staying up-to-date, it is a need of the hour to upgrade to quickbooks hosting on the cloud.

With cost-effectiveness, IT help and support whenever needed, multiple back-ups as well as up-to-date technology, managing risks for accountants and accounting firms has become easy.

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