How Do Medicines Help In Diabetes Control?

by Swastham Ayurveda Business

Diabetes is an incurable disease that is caused due to abnormal activity of the beta cells of the pancreas. These cells are responsible for secretion of insulin hormone. This hormone helps in complete conversion of glucose present in the blood into sugar. It is worth noting that whatever we consume is converted first into glucose and then into energy. When there is insufficient amount of insulin or complete absence of the same then the glucose is not converted into energy. Rather it remains in the blood in the same form. This in turn leads to the disease called as diabetes or high blood sugar. As a result of high blood sugar, numerous health issues related to various organs of the body start cropping up.

The patient starts feeling extreme weakness and may not be able to perform routine tasks in an efficient way. There may be some other symptoms as well. These may include extreme thirst and frequent thirst, urge to urinate more frequently, impaired healing function of the skin etc. To manage diabetes and the associated symptoms, changes in diet and lifestyle are a must. However, sometimes the condition becomes so worse that the patient may need to go for medicines. Well, there is no need to worry as there are safe and effective medicines such as Patanjali Ramdev medicine for diabetes that help in management of this problem in an efficient way.

Use of medicines for the diabetic patients depends upon the unique physical conditions and needs. Some people wonder how medicines help in diabetes management. Multiple medicines are used in managing diabetes. Different types of medicines have varying roles so that various symptoms of diabetes may be got ridden of. With the use of medicines, the functions of the pancreatic beta cells are retained and normalized. This in turn allows pancreas to keep on secreting the normal and requisite amounts of insulin. As a result of this, the patient starts improving his/her overall health. The symptoms start to subside.

In some cases, the insulin resistance keeps on increasing with advancement in time. Under such circumstances, insulin hormone is given orally or through injections to the patients. The insulin resistance is also normalized so that the function of this hormone may be normalized and maintained well in the body. By supplying artificial insulin to the body, the function of conversion of glucose into energy is retained. Thus the patients are able to get rid of the feelings of weakness. Other symptoms also disappear slowly.

Apart from medicines, the patients also need to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle. It is because only medicines can’t suffice the entire task. Rather you need to be selective about your diet. Also you need to be physically active to say no to high blood sugar. The secretion of insulin hormone is regulated to great extent with the help of exercise or physical activity. In fact, there are numbers of yoga poses that are specifically designed to benefit diabetic patients.

To manage diabetes, the patient needs to pay attention to multiple factors affecting his/her life and health so as to be healthy in all respects. 

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