How Do Fleet Management Systems Notification Benefit Fleet Businesses?

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Fleet managers do not have the time or resources to track their vehicles in real-time manually. This is why they rely on a trusted fleet management system to do the work for them. But how does the system help managers get real-time updates on their fleet business? Do they have to constantly sit and see where their vehicles are?

No of course not! Not only is that time consuming, but can also affect the health of managers, having to stare at a digital screen for long hours. So what is the solution to this issue? Let us find out in the following section.

What are Notifications

A fleet management system is useful for tracking and supervising fleet vehicles from remote settings? It is what makes fleet business so much more efficient than manual management. But manually supervising the vehicles on screen is also time consuming. This is why the notification makes the system so much easier to navigate.

Notifications are like alerts that help managers detect when their drivers adopt a bad driving practices on the road. Each solution that the system offers has a set of events that help maintain fleet safety. Some o these notifications include:

  • Eco-driving Alerts.
  • Route deviation Alerts
  • DMS and ADAS Alerts
  • Fuel Refill/drainage Alerts
  • Servicing and Maintenance Reminders

Benefits of Using Notifications

When we talk about notifications, they can be very beneficial to the system. They can help managers ensure that their drivers are not only safe but also performing their work according to what is planned. Let us look into some of the benefits of using notifications with fleet operations:

  • Better Visibility: The system allows managers to see their vehicle’s activities in real time. They can work on any event that the drivers trigger and ensure that their vehicles and consignment remain safe. Alerts also allow managers to ensure better incentivizing for their drivers who perform well.
  • Higher Vehicle Health: Servicing and maintenance alerts ensure that managers do not miss any kind of vehicle check-ups. Thus, the vehicle stays in good shape for a lot longer than normal. It helps slash the vehicle replacement rate as well.
  • More Profitability: With less expenditure on vehicle repairs and better task execution, the losses of any fleet business reduce. Thus, they can improve their budgeting and ensure better monetary gains as well.
  • Less Carbon Emission: Less fuel consumption and eco-driving ensure that the fleet vehicles do not have a high rate of carbon emission. They are good for the environment and also help boost the fleet’s performance. Thus, a beneficial situation for all. Less emission also means that the fleet business will be subjected to fewer fines and tickets.
  • Report Generation: The alerts that the system generates get compiled in reports. Studying these reports can help fleet businesses pinpoint what operations are lacking and need help to mitigate these issues.


Fleet management systems have a lot of features that can help fleet businesses ensure that their drivers are always driving and performing tasks well. They can help battle issues like time theft and low productivity. Solutions like route planning, driver behaviour analysis, fuel monitoring, video telematics and asset tracking help monitor vehicles and managers of any malpractice.

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