7 Simple Ways to Improve your Fleet Efficiency

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Running a fleet business is not a child’s play. It takes grit, patience, brains and a lot of planning. Earlier, when fleet management used to be an out and out manual job, it was taxing for fleet managers to juggle between various responsibilities. Today, automation has speeded up the pace, reduced human errors and swelled the margins. 

With fleet management software having the back, businesses have dared to expand the fleet size and pushed their limits. Having said that, the leaders in the business are still walking a step ahead in the race. How? That is because they have streamlined their efforts in enhancing the efficiency of the fleet. The technology works in the same capacity for everyone without any bias. It is on us how efficiently we make use of the technology at hand. 

We are sharing seven simple ways to enhance your fleet efficiency with your tech stake. 

  1. Stay a step forward with timely service and maintenance

There is one similarity between vehicles/machines and humans, they both need an extra TLC for better response. You can not delay or forget the servicing and maintenance of vehicles if you expect good performance from them. TrackoBit's Fleet management software starts sending the service reminder two weeks in advance. Forgetting is not an option anymore! 

  1. Have complete control over fuel Refill and Consumption 

Better fuel economy means better fleet economy. Fuel expense decides the bottom line of a fleet business. It is imperative to monitor fuel consumption, reduce fuel wastage and manage fuel refill patterns closely in order to cut extra costs. GPS Tracking Telematics software automates the fuel management process. You get refill/drainage alerts, accurate reports and an anti-theft alarm.  

  1. Optimize Route Planning

Optimize your trips with advanced route planning software. Opt for the shortest and most fuel-efficient routes that also save you time. Get notified in case of route deviation or breach of the plan. Decide on the detention time beforehand, set the sequence of the delivery stations and improve route density. 

  1. Real-time Alerts are a Must

Always opt for alerts as they are the saviours. You get notified instantly every time anything unexpected/expected happens such as overspeeding, over moulding, ignition off/on, route deviation, etc. You can customise your alerts too. Anything that would boost the efficiency shall be grabbed. 

  1. Ensure vehicle as well as driver safety and reduce downtime. 

For fleet managers or fleet owners, vehicles and drivers are the MVPs. Their safety must be at the top of their head all the time. Their safety automatically ensures the safety of the goods. SOS Button, overspeeding alerts, Immobilization, parking alarm, etc. are some of the most essential features that ensure vehicle/driver security and reduce downtime. 

  1. Schedule all that you can not control in real-time

It is not possible to keep tabs on all the time. You can schedule a few tasks such as turning the parking mode on, mailing reports and status checks.  

  1. Take insights and reports seriously. 

If not daily, weekly or monthly but a regular report check is a must. Telematics software fetches your insights that can be very useful in making big business decisions. Analyze driver performance, vehicle health and your fleet efficiency by studying reports thoroughly. They help you make informed decisions.

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