How Did Smart TVs Gain Popularity and Become affordable Over the Decade?

by Tanjni Pache Content Writer
Smart TVs have constantly been evolving with better technologies being developed. Recent trends show that an increasing number of people have started using smart TVs. It might be noted that while smart TVs were initially thought to be a gadget for the rich, they have become quite affordable and thus gained popularity. Let us first explore the reasons which have led to the change in the trends in terms of popularity.

Flexibility - In the contemporary world, families consist of multiple working members who are busy with their jobs. Hence, the traditional TV becomes inconvenient for them as it is difficult for the working individuals to stick to specific show timings. However, smart TVs generally support OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., which allow the users to stream their favourite movies and shows at their own leisure time. This flexibility has undoubtedly played a key role in making the 40 inch HD smart TV models more popular.

Additional features - The functions of the conventional TVs were mostly limited to watching the television channels or playing CDs at most. However, a smart TV comes with a much wider range of functions. Apart from streaming OTT platforms as mentioned before, you may also play games, cast display from smartphones and vice versa, listen to music and perform various other activities. Thus, when you purchase buy 40 inch LED TV India, it would enable you to access entertainment with an all-in-one approach.

Better audio and picture quality - One of the basic features what distinguishes a smart TV is the use of artificial intelligence. Powered by AI, these TVs perform much better and deliver better quality display and audio. For example, the latest models are capable of detecting the type of the content being played on the TV and accordingly adjust the volume. The micro-dimming feature optimising the display by dividing the pictures into small segments and adjusting the brightness of each one to deliver the best effects. Other features like true colour, sports mode, Dolby audio, etc. help to create an immersive experience too. Naturally, those seeking quality entertainment tend to lean towards smart TVs.

What made smart TVs affordable?

As mentioned earlier, smart TVs have become more affordable for the general population over the years. It is no longer restricted to the rich and several factors have contributed to the falling price trends.
  • Competition: With smart TVs gaining popularity, an increasing number of companies have started to manufacture them. As a result, the leading brands lowered the prices to maintain high sales and stay ahead in the competition.
  • Technology: The sophistication of technology has led to lower manufacturing costs, as a result of which the smart 40 inch LED TV price has fallen.
  • Sales: Due to the growth in popularity, sales of smart TVs have shot up, helping the manufacturers earn greater revenues and thus lower the prices. On the other hand, the affordability of smart TVs have helped to boost the sales too.

These trends are expected to continue as smart TVs keep gaining popularity and dominate the markets.

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