Reasons That Make Watching HDTV An Ideal Experience

by Tanjni Pache Content Writer

Viewing movies, sports matches, serials, geographical expeditions etc., on the HDTV is an experience few can deny having had. In fact so popular is this TV that people have already started purchasing more than one TVs. What make this TV so special are the features and characteristics it possesses which help to further enhance the output of the same like:

·         More pixels: Digital tv in India comes with a whopping megapixel of either 1920 X 1080 or 1280 X 720. This accounts for sharper pictures and perfect colour contrast which makes the experience come alive.

·         Less fuzzy: It is generally seen that when pictures are enlarged, they tend to look fuzzy and jaded. But this is not so in case of a HDTV. This TV tends to take full advantage of the bigger and high resolution screen that they come with. This ensures that more pixels are crammed into the picture thereby making a picture look sharp no matter how much it is enlarged.

·         Interpolation: The high resolutions pictures make for a grand expansion, smaller pictures when displayed on the HDTV screen need to be scaled up so as to include more pixels within the same region. This process is called interpolation.

·         Wide screen: The beauty of viewing something on a wider screen is incomparable and at times even better than viewing with the naked eye. The width and the depth of a HDTV screen are measured in terms of a ration known as the aspect ratio. This ratio is decidedly higher in HDTVs and thus viewing moving pictures on a wider screens is quite an experience. In fact today even the straight rectangular TV s are getting slowly replaced with the curve hd tv.

·         Less flickering: The persistence of vision experienced by human beings result in the creation of an optical illusion with the eyes viewing the high-speed images and the brain syncing them to appear as one. But if the movement of the picture is not fast enough, it will result in a flicker which will mar the whole experience. It has been statistically proved that HDTVs experience absolutely zero flicker thus setting a bar at the quality of images shown.

Even though the latest hd tv has more features than seen in any other gadget, improvements and advancements have made it possible for the introduction of something known as the 4K ultra HDTV. This TV has even more pixels crammed into it. Thus it makes for a perfect technology for large screens wherein the images will have a much bigger impact with:

·         Sharper pictures,

·         Visibility of a wider colour palette,

·         Bit depth is so much more better,

·         Shorter viewing distance etc.

All this is affected with the help of something known as the HDR or high dynamic range. This is a collective bouquet of technologies which are accumulated and synced together to get much brighter whites combined with darker black shades. This also tends to increase the volume of colour and contrast to select as per the choice of the viewer making the 4K HDTV a definite buy for households which are afford it.

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