How Cloud Hosting is Important for Your Website?

by Sabbir Ahmed Marketing specialist

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud hosting is a hosting that is a clustered server made up of different computers. It is a model that uses virtually all of a website's resources stored on different physical servers. As a result, when one server goes down or crashes, another server supplies the website with all the data.

So, generally Cloud hosting is a computer where the data of all other computers is stored efficiently. It is a well balanced, highly secure and fully researched server. In a word, cloud hosting is a network made up of numerous computers.

How does cloud hosting work

“Google search” can be taken as an example to understand how cloud hosting works. When we search something on Google, the search engine enters the network (cloud) of many computers and brings the correct information. Being a cloud, it doesn't load on Google's servers.

So in general, cloud hosting is the process through which your website is connected to thousands of servers. This means that when we host a simple website, it is connected to a server, but through cloud hosting, it can reach the user through a number of servers. It is not limited to one server in one country but consists of numerous servers in different countries. In that case, no matter which country the user visits your site from, your site will be loaded with a CDN nearby. 

Reliability: Cloud Hosting is much more reliable than shared hosting where certain resources are shared among thousands of users. But since each server of Cloud Hosting is different, if there is any problem in one server, it does not put pressure on the performance of any other server.

Load Balancing and Flexibility: Cloud Hosting can load and balance more than other hosting systems, because all of its servers have extra RAM so the load does not fall on any particular server or machine but on all servers. So its load balancing and flexibility is more.

Virtual No Downtime: Cloud Hosting is a large hosting system made up of countless server racks. As a result, all the servers in the cloud cluster are treated as one node. If any of these nodes have a problem or is damaged, the server will not be down, because the rest of the nodes will have your hosting online or uptime will not be down time.

Security: Cloud Hosting keeps all types of data secure. Because the information is spread through all the additional storage of many servers, so even if there is a problem in a certain storage, all your information is stored in another storage.

Affordable: Cloud Hosting is much more affordable than managed VPS and Dedicated Server.

Why use cloud hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a combination of many servers that use the same type of hardware and software, and so the hosting works much faster.

If the number of site visitors increases while your website is in shared hosting or your hosting resources suddenly increase, then shared hosting cannot take this load. Because shared hosting has limited resources. Cloud Hosting is not likely to have such a problem, because it does not have a resource limit. For example: I / O usage, Swap Memory, Memory etc.

E-commerce sites in particular require a lot of speed, moreover, server speed and uptime are essential for these sites. And for this cloud hosting is very important.

Cloud hosting plays an important role in various types of web applications, Android apps, development and.

Cloud Hosting has virtually no downtime. Because many servers are used in Cloud Hosting, there is no downside to any node or server and the server is down.

Data is safe in Cloud Hosting because if data is deleted on a server due to a problem, data from other servers can be obtained through backup.

Cloud hosting tends to be affordable. Because when someone wants to take their heavy traffic site from shared hosting to VPS and Dedicated, they can't go because of budget or high cost. Because a good Unmanaged VPS costs $ 35- $ 38 per month, and managing this VPS requires a C-panel, and the C-panel costs around $ 25 per month. Then the total cost is about $ 60- $ 65 dollars. There is also a lot more to manage technically that not everyone can do. With the exception of Dedicated Server, the cost of annual Cloud Hosting becomes half of the monthly cost of a VPS.

Where to buy the best cloud hosting?

In cloud hosting, there is a Load Balancing System, so if for some reason your traffic suddenly increases, the site will not be down. It always matters to search for a good and a reliable platform in. As a Bangladeshi web hosting company Sharewebhost provides the best cloud solution for your website. You are most welcome to test Sharewebhost Singapore cloud hosting packages. Multiple server Cluster makes your website secure on multiple servers. has Linux & Windows operating system so you can use a different OS for each site. Their high-performance cloud hosting service includes WHM, cPanel, Softaculous, daily backups, CDN to speed your site! Overall, they offer competitive monthly prices and a wide range of features to increase the value of their service. Hopefully you are all understanding the importance of this hosting type. 

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