How Car Tuning is Helpful in Enhancing the Performance of your Car?

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Despite of not leaving any stone unturned towards the maintenance of your car, which undoubtedly is an expensive asset owned by a person, a decline in its performance both in terms of power generation and fuel efficiency are some common problems from which every car owner struggles. Moreover, the increasing fuel prices in the recent years at regular intervals has acted like fuel in the fire, making it difficult for the car owners to manage their other expenses. Well, the decline in the performance of a car is a natural process, which is mainly because of its regular wear and tear. But, apart from this, there are also the factors like pot holes, speed breakers, rugged roads from which lots of car owners have to drive their vehicle regularly. To cater all these problems, the only option left with a person is tuning his car properly by an expert technician, in-fact, tuning is not only essential for a car that is three to five years old or even more, but also for the newly purchased car that has been rolled out from the dealer a few months back.

What is car tuning? Tuning the car or car tuning in the simple word can be defined as the process of upgrading or modifying certain parameters like fuel transmission to the engine, air intake and air exhaust system etc for improving the performance of a car. Besides this, there are few more parts which indirectly play an important in determining the overall performance of any vehicle. This is mainly because all these parts or components installed under the bonnet of a vehicle are interconnected with each other, and therefore, proper coordination between all of them results in delivering the desired results.

Components considered while tuning the car: Let us, now look out the major components that are mainly considered by an expert technician during the car tuning.

Engine: Engine is considered as the heart of a vehicle and therefore, the utmost part which needs to be paid attention or which plays a crucial role in delivering the performance of any vehicle is its engine. In the early days, the functionality of an engine was controlled manually, but with changing technology and change in the methods of car manufacturing, maintaining the performance of an engine got computerized. The working of engines installed in the cars of today‚Äôs generation is controlled through the engine control unit or ECU that controls the functionality of an engine and the components associated with it via sensors. Remapping the settings of an engine according to the expectation of the car owner results in improvising the performance of the car according to his expectations. This might surprise you, but the engine of your car which,  according to you is not delivering the satisfactory performance, has huge potential hidden in it, which can be extracted by tuning it. Thus, tuning the engine of your car can help you in enhancing its performance with simple modifications.

Replacing the air filter: The main objective of the air filter is to transmit fresh air to the engine. But, driving the vehicle regularly from the dust-prone area or even on normal roads, results in blocking the holes of an air filter system. This adversely stops the intake of fresh air, and thus blocks the transmission of air to an engine. To get the rid of this problem, it is better to replace the existing air filter system with the new one after driving your vehicle to specified kilometers.

Ignition system: When you remap the engine, there is a change in its existing parameters that are in accordance of various components and therefore it is imperative to upgrade those components accordingly to enjoy the improved performance. Keeping this factor in consideration, it therefore is necessary to upgrade its ignition corresponding to the settings of an engine determined during its remapping.

Upgrading the exhaust system: As air filter intakes the fresh air for the engine, similarly an exhaust system throws out the poisonous gases from an engine that develops as the combination of air and fuel moving within an engine. Replacing the existing exhaust system with a new one helps in throwing the hazardous gases instantly and is also capable of bearing the pressure generated inside the exhaust pipes more efficiently.

In short, it can be said that car tuning is an efficient way of enhancing the performance of your beloved car at cost-effective charges, and offers you its flawless drive without any complications.

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