How Can You Refill An HP Ink Cartridge?

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Refilling the empty HP printer ink cartridges is indeed straightforward, and is yet the cost-effective alternative to purchasing the expensive original HP printer cartridges all the time. Now, when you have to refill an HP printer ink cartridge, you have to get hold of the ink refill kit that can be available online easily. Generally, all the ink refill kits comprise of – 

1. Ink bottles
2. Syringe
3. Injection Needles
4. Plastic Gloves Pair

The materials and amount of ink needed will be based on the number of HP Printer Cartridges necessary for refilling.

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A strong recommendation is either refilling or replacing the empty printer ink cartridges right when they have run out. This recommendation is to stay abstain from printing on the empty cartridges since the print-heads will be damaged.

We have explored and provided the necessary instructions on the generic versions necessary for the non-LD ink refill kits. 

How Should You Refill the HP Printer Ink Cartridges? 
The generic instructions on the steps for refilling the HP 60 cartridges, like the HP 61, Hp62, HP 63, and HP 65 are usually the same.

i. The front sticker label of the HP printer cartridge must be removed. Or else, you can even remove the top cover of the HP printer cartridge. By getting it done, 5 holes will be exposed.

ii. In the tricolor cartridge, there are three chambers. If a tricolor ink cartridge is to be refilled, then it is necessary to know the hole that will allow in refilling the right color. It is because yellow must not be accidentally put inside the magenta chamber.

iii. For identifying which hole is meant for magenta, or other colors, then you have to insert the syringe, next poke through the sponge, and after that pull syringe out again. Use a paper towel or a cloth for wiping the needle so that you can identify the particular hole leading to a specific color chamber. Ensure that you have covered the not-to-be used holes using tape since some ink could spill during the refilling process. If this happens, then the other chambers will be contaminated, which should not be allowed. Use the top hole while refilling the black cartridges and keep the rest covered with tape.

iv. From the ink refill bottle, fill up the syringe with ink.

v. Insert the syringe into the specific hole. You could feel little resistance from the sponge. Gently push the needle down for it to go down into the sponge.

vi. When a standard HP printer ink cartridge is to be refilled, then about 4ml ink can be put in. Alternatively, when the high yield cartridge is being refilled, then 10 ml ink can be put in. You have to keep your eyes on the hole since ink could start to spill out of it if an excess is put in.

vii. Pull the syringe out and have the tape removed after you have injected the ink. The ink likely to have escaped the holes must be wiped off.

viii. Allow the cartridge to sit for thirty minutes for allowing the sponge to get fully soaked in the ink.

ix. Insert the HP Printer cartridge back to the printer. Still, the HP printers could send a message the cartridge is empty. You just have to bypass this particular message for getting the printing done. 

When you refill your own HP printer ink cartridges, then it will help in saving you a lot of money. But if you want some other way for saving money but free from mess, then the third-party compatible HP cartridge replacements are even a practical option. These will cost you only a few dollars for the convenience of just popping them into the printer and then beginning to print.

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