Boris Wolfman - How can farmers grow the best apples without using pesticides?

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Growing apples organically is a challenge! Several pest attacks result in the growers to opt-in for pesticides and fertilizers. Also, these chemicals have their benefits, as well. Since people today are making healthy food choices, growers are trying to get low on the chemicals for fruit and vegetable harvests. The more you stop applying chemicals to apple trees, the lesser chemicals go to the apple and your system.

Different people from different parts of the world have brought in advanced agricultural procedures. Some of the best tactics come from a famous entrepreneur Boris Wolfman. The technology and tactics he has come up with enabling growers and farmers to come up with unique and high-quality strains of apples.

The best apple growing tactics to use

If you want to use fewer chemicals and pesticides as you grow apples, you can check out the following procedures:

·         Use the best tools

Use a shovel or hoe for working on the soil beneath the apple tree and eliminate other weeds. Create a cover around the apple trees for averting plants taking over without applying herbicides. You can also spread the wood chip mulch all around the trees for managing weeds as well as retain the moisture for a long time.

·         Start pruning

You should prune close to 15% to 20% of the last year's growth! However, ensure that you eliminate all the branches during wintertime when the trees stay dormant. It will enable air and light to the tree and minimize the issues related to bacteria and fungi infections. You can do away with any branch that is dead or manifests signs of insect infestation or disease.

·         Make use of organic sprays

You can use the organic sprays for controlling powdery mildew when branches get tipped with green. There's a time when the pink buds. You can make use of a chemical-free and natural, free product that comprises of the natural organisms for securing trees.

·         Fertilizing the apple trees

It is necessary to feed the apple trees making use of 20 pounds of old manure each tree. You can use it as a replacement to the chemical fertilizer. You can apply this manure on the plant by the starting of spring as well as April through July. It is necessary the taking note of most applications.

·         Appletree treatment

It is necessary to treat apple trees to eliminate pests, aphids, and codling moths! Ensure that the sprays that you use are kaolin base and have the desired organic compounds to secure the trees. Also, opt-in for the pheromones for breaking the mating cycle of the insecticidal virus and codling moths. It does lessen the moth, but harming human health.

·         Take care of the tree trunks

You can warp the tree trunks using a sticky layer for keeping the insects from getting on the trunk! It is useful in breaking the life cycle by getting hold of the caterpillars when they want a space to pupate.

Also, ensure that you clean the apple trees in recurrent intervals for minimizing the dissemination of the diseases. You can also reduce the hiding places for insects. You shouldn't pile the collated debris close to the orchard and tree. Make sure you eliminate it right from the space.



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