How Can Blockchain is Creating Digital Gaming Superior

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The gaming industry is a growing one and is making growth at a breakneck pace. Moreover, it has also emerged as a mainstream industry. It is expected to touch the mark of $143 billion by the end of 2020. With this massive growth, various technological interventions make this industry even more significant, and one such matching technology is Blockchain.

Blockchain emerged as an underlying technology for Bitcoin exchange. However, its multitude of features made Blockchain technology a positive disrupter in different industries, and the gaming sector was no different. So, here we are focusing on how Blockchain is making an impact in the gaming segment.

Blockchain And Gaming

Before going ahead and understanding how Blockchain impacts the industry, let’s look at some of the characteristics of the gaming world:

· Game developers and entrepreneurs are looking for a secure platform for creating, launching, and monetizing their games.

· Gamers need a secured platform to buy and sell their in-game assets.

· Players play many games, and they would be creating their profile, which they want to be interoperable.

· Players want technology, which can give them better control of the game.

· Fraudulent transactions are prevalent in the virtual world of gaming.

So, these are the common bottlenecks of the gaming industry that needs attention. Now the point arises how Blockchain technology can help in resolving these issues.

Blockchain As a Solution: Let’s Explore The Answer-

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that offers a decentralized platform for the exchange of data or information. These pieces of information are stored in the form of blocks and are time-stamped. Once this data enters the ledger, it becomes immutable, and it becomes difficult to alter or change it. All this makes Blockchain takes an edge over conventional technology.

Key Features Of Blockchain Technology:

1. Immutable

2. Decentralized

3. Time-stamped

4. No third-party

With all these features, Blockchain can easily address the problem of conventional platforms.

A decentralized platform like Blockchain offers gamers a secure environment wherein all their information and assets are free from any malicious attacks. Moreover, the gamers get better control over the games as there is no third-party governing it.

This decentralized platform has a highly powerful data encryption technology like a public key, private key to secure crypto tokens.

Developing games on Blockchain platforms enables the gamers to transact in crypt tokens (digital assets), and these are secured for completing transactions.

Crypto traders and investors have the public address. Crypt traders and investors transact across different networks using Blockchain networks. If you create games on the Blockchain platform, the players take up a unique public address form one game to another. Thus, it gives them interoperability across different platforms.

And lastly, Blockchain is a secured platform where every information is time-stamped and encrypted cryptographically. So, there is complete assurance of data security.

With all these set of benefits which Blockchain has to offer, it is going to improve the gaming experience and make it work seamlessly.


Blockchain is the technology of the future, which holds a lot of prospects. If you are looking for growth in your career, Blockchain certification is the best move you can make. For more updates on this technology and Blockchain online training, connect with Blockchain Council today.


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