Top 10 Blockchain Future Trends

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Blockchain is unfolding new changes and development every day. Are you planning to become a Blockchain expert, then you need to know about the latest trends in this field. Whether you are a working professional in the field of Blockchain or you are planning to pursue a certification program in Blockchain.

As per Fintech Global, the Blockchain market is expected to rise up to $16 billion by 2024. There has been a great increase in the number of Blockchain investments, which indicates that in the times to come, we are going to see a steady rise in the use of Blockchain technology, and at the same time, it is also going to need certified Blockchain professionals.

Let’s explore the top 10 Blockchain trends:

1. Blockchain as a Service- As we are well-aware of Software as a Service, on a similar front, we have Blockchain as a Service. It is a cloud-based service that helps the user to develop apps that will be working with Blockchain. Some of the examples are smart contracts, decentralized apps, etc.

2. Stablecoins- In the times to come, you will see stablecoins becoming more popular. Cryptocurrencies that we are using are volatile in nature, but with stablecoins, we can expect to have more stability. It is expected that in the times to come; we will see stablecoins overshadowing cryptocurrencies.

3. Facebook will launch Libra- One of the most talked-about developments in Blockchain is the launch of Libra by Facebook.

4. National cryptocurrencies- Yes, you read it right. In the times to comes, we will see nations using cryptocurrencies. As per Gartner, there will be five more countries apart from Dubai (that launched Emcash) and Venezuela ( that launched Petromoneda) who will launch national cryptocurrencies.

5. The amalgamation of AI and Blockchain- Both AI and Blockchain are eminent technologies that have the power to influence the world. With both these technologies coming together, we can expect some great transformations. It will require the efforts of both AI expert and certified Blockchain professionals. As per International Data Corporation, by the year 2020, around 51% of the businesses will be transitioning towards the use of AI along with Blockchain technology.

6. Blending of Social Media and Blockchain Technology- We more than 22 million social media users globally, but with the current state of technology, they are vulnerable to attack. But, with the blend of social media with Blockchain, we can expect more security and safety of data.

7. Interoperability and Blockchain Networks- It is the ability to share data and other information across different Blockchain networks. This will make it simpler for the public to see data and access the information.

8. Integration of Blockchain with Government Agencies- Yes, we are going to see some huge transformation in how the government agencies are going to work. With the integration of Blockchain technology, we can expect some great changes. Also, it will keep people’s data safe and secure. As per Gartner, by 2022, we will have some data of people on Blockchain.

9. Federated Blockchain — We have always talked about a more reliable Blockchain platform, and Federated Blockchain is the one that you need to know. It is a more trustworthy and secure platform as compared to the conventional DLT system that we have. This Blockchain platform will work for the enterprises by offering them a secured platform for transactions and exchange of data.

10. Blockchain in economy and finances- yes, we are going to see this change in the finance sector. Most of the work of the financial institutions is going to be channelled via the Blockchain platform.

Concluding Thoughts- It won’t be wrong to say that Blockchain is going to be a revolutionary technology. If you are also willing to become a Blockchain specialist, then you must start investing in learning this technology from Blockchain Council. The certified Blockchain online course offered by Blockchain Council is going to give you comprehensive information and learning about this technology.


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