How Bear Brook Dental Care Educates Patients on Dental Implants & Restoration


If you're like me, you're constantly worried about losing your teeth. What happens if they all just fall out one day?!

Luckily for you and I, Dr. Kiwon Lee in Montvale, New Jersey spends a lot of time educating his patients about restorative dentistry -- including, but not limited to, tooth restoration with dental implant surgery, and restoring existing dental implants.

When it comes to restoring your smile, dental implants are a popular choice. Both Dr. Lee and his patients both love the permanence of the titanium post, and how it mimics the root of a natural tooth. When patients are missing teeth, implants are usually the best option for dental restoration.

But even with proper care, you may still find yourself needing dental implant repair at some point.

Bear Brook Dental Care, Dr. Lee’s practice in Montvale, NJ, also specializes in restoring the dental crown, or the visible portion of the replacement teeth. So, if you've already committed to dental implants and you're concerned that you may (or may have already!) damaged your crown, Bear Brook Dental Care is here to help!

How can dental implants be damaged?

Just like a natural tooth, your dental crown can see natural wear and tear. For instance, frequent nighttime teeth clenching and grinding may wear down the artificial tooth. Naturally, accidents can also happen. The dental crown can be damaged while chewing on a hard object, like an ice cube or hard candy. The crown can also be damaged by traumatic force, like in a car accident or due to a sports injury.

Most commonly, the tooth portion of the implant will crack or chip. This can be distressing to patients, and depending on the pain level, it may be enough to prompt an emergency dentist visit.

More serious issues with the implant post can occur due to incorrect placement by a prior dentist, poor fitting crowns, and weakened immune systems, like in people with diabetes. If any of these pertain to your situation, contact your dentist immediately.

What are some ways I can prevent damage to my implant?

Just like your natural teeth, be sure to brush and floss regularly. Poor oral hygiene can, of course, cause issues with the implant site. Also avoid hard objects, because the dental crown can crack just as easily as a regular tooth. Every patient has different needs, so be sure to listen carefully to your dentist's advice and follow it as much as possible.

Most importantly, you should schedule regular checkups with your dentist after your dental implant procedure. Regular dental visits ensure that your dentist will notice any dental challenges or issues at the implant site. Routine preventative care is key -- it allows your restorative dentist to advise on any necessary treatments.

Can dental implants be repaired?

Dental implants usually have a 90% success rate, but even so, some patients may have issues. The good news is that most issues are easily remedied after a visit to your dentist!

In most dental implant restoration cases, the entire implant does not have issues, and patients only need to repair the dental crown or bridge. The cause of the damage will determine the repair options. The dentist is usually able to replace the prosthetic tooth with a new crown or even repair the existing crown, with positive results.

Dental implant restoration can be trickier if the issue lies with the implant post, though. If the implant has issues because osseointegration failed, it's may be necessary to undergo a bone graft to successfully install the missing tooth without further implant problems. If there are issues with the surrounding bone and/or bone loss, implant problems may be trickier to solve. For instance, peri-implantitis requires further diagnosis and expert treatment to prevent further complications.

All in all, it's important to schedule an appointment with your dentist in a timely manner to avoid implant problems and make all necessary repairs. If you think you have damaged implants, don't wait -- call your dentist today!

And if you’re in the Montvale, NJ area, dental specialist Dr. Kiwon Lee at Bear Brook Dental Care is currently taking new patients for his restorative dentistry, dental implant and implant repair services! The best news yet: I just checked out their website, and it looks like there are some promotions going on for new patients, as well.

Learn more about Bear Brook Dental Care’s dental implants here.

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