How Ayurvedic Remedies Help in Curing Muscle Dystrophy?

by Kudrati Ayurved Parkinson Treatment in India

Muscle dystrophy is a rare disease which results in the degeneration of muscles. The main reason for this muscle dystrophy is the absence of proteins that helps in muscle development. The adolescent boys are most vulnerable for this muscle dystrophy. It also affects the people who are younger in age or even older too. Ayurveda has some of the great remedies to address this Muscle dystrophy. The muscle dystrophy cure in Ayurveda cures the disease completely and improvises the muscles mass. It helps in developing the muscles even stronger than usual.

Treatment for Muscle Dystrophy in Ayurveda

Muscle dystrophy is a degenerative disease, and simple medication won't solve the issue. They don't relive the patients from symptoms. Even conventional medicines won't help in resolving the dystrophy. On the other hand, Ayurveda adopts a holistic approach to address and solve this issue. The muscle dystrophy treatment in Ayurveda includes food, oral medications, and yoga.


The herbs are a very important factor in Ayurveda. These herbs are a great way to put in some of the minerals into the body. Ayurveda believes in providing personalized treatment for each patient. Hence the herbs that will be prescribed for every patient varies.


Ayurveda always focuses on removing the problem directly from its roots. Hence it makes sure to provide the patient with the required diet so that he/she receives the required nutrients that will lessen the decay of muscles within the body. It also helps in building the muscles too. As said, the diet is also personalized according to the person. 

Factors like vegan or not, their lifestyle, their habits are considered before designing a diet plan for the user.

Yoga and physiotherapy exercises

The yoga postures combined with some of the walking and standing postures performed for some days will surely reduce the muscle dystrophy symptoms and lessens the rate of decay. Some of the exercises that are helpful lessening the decay are

·         Standing and movement exercises such as Tadasana, Vakrasana, Padahastasana, Tadasana

·         Sitting postures like Vakrasana, Paschimottasana, Shashankasana

·         Breathing exercises like Pranayama, Ardha Shalabhasana, Bhramri Pranayama

Ayurveda has the capability of solving the issue effectively when compared to conventional treatment. Following the mentioned diet and exercises are going to show a good effect on the person.

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