Hotels Tips And Free Of Charge Services You Did Not Know About

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You may have visited dozens of hotels in your life, but that does not mean that you know everything about their policy and regulations, as well as the rights they have when you stay there. As you prepare your new travel escape itinerary in a luxury or boutique hotel, we thought it would be nice to gather some free hotel services you probably did not know about. Here are some free services that apply to hotels, but you probably had not heard of them until now.

Ask for the corner room

These rooms are the most beautiful in most cases. This happens because, usually, these rooms are always bigger and larger. Have in mind that corner rooms are usually set away from the elevator, making them quieter. Also, if your room is not as you imagined it or maybe if it is not as it was portrayed in the pictures when you made your booking, you can choose another, without being charged extra. 

Ask for a better room at the right time

Asking the reception to take you to a better room while a lot of people are waiting to check in is not the best idea. Better try it when the hotel is empty and not at peak hours and days like the weekday or late afternoon. If you can try to be specific (e.g. I would like to see the sea), polite and understanding.

Free tickets for concerts and luxury restaurants

The receptionist can provide you with free tickets to concerts, the only thing you have to do is ask. Yet, most people only ask the receptionist for basic information, such as where they should go for dinner or which is the best beach close to the hotel etc. As we have found out some hotels have many hidden aces in their sleeves. In particular, in large hotels, the receptionist can provide you with free tickets to concerts, as long as there are requests, while the same applies even to luxury restaurants and hairdressing salons. So, when looking to book a hotel you might as well check if they offer any complimentary tickets or coupons. Also, if you are looking for a babysitter and you cannot locate one, the receptionist may also give you a solution for this issue as well.

You can borrow more than you think

If you have forgotten to take something with you, there is no need to hurry and head out to buy a new one to use it only a few times. You can always ask if the hotel has a backup. This is mainly possible because many hotels have a small treasure of things that the client may need. Umbrellas, hair dryers, hair straighteners, tweezers, razor blades, yoga mats, cufflinks, phone chargers are just a few of the things that you might find at a hotel even though you might not expect it at all when you found out that you forgot to get it with you. Sometimes frustration takes over rational thinking, so we tend to make simple things difficult. Just relax and ask the hotel to solve your problem.

You can ask the hotel to change your bed linen before entering

Most guests believe that all linen in the hotel is clean, which is generally the case for linen and towels, but blankets and other linens are washed much more rarely than you think, so if you want them to clean these up as well you have to ask for it.

You can use the swimming pool even after you check out

In case you need to check out at 10 am, but you leave your vacation spot in the evening, then most hotels are willing to let you use the pool area and the spa. So, instead of waiting for your flight or your ferry somewhere uncomfortable, you can relax a little more at the hotel's swimming pool, all you need to do is inform the reception first. The same might apply to a spa resort. Just ask about late checkouts or what happens regarding the facilities and the charges during the last day of your stay. You might be surprised what you can get. 

Let the staff know that you have come for a special occasion

This can only be a winning situation if you inform the staff about the reason you came if this is, of course, an original situation... Like for example if you want to make a wedding proposal to your loved one, or if you are going to spend your honeymoon there, or maybe because you have a birthday coming up during the days of your stay or you might be having a bachelor party with your best friends. It is a good idea to let the hotel know because most hotels usually care more for their customers who have chosen the hotel for a special occasion, so they do everything they can to keep their customers happy, satisfied and make their stay unforgettable. So do not be surprised if you see a bottle of champagne, flowers and chocolates in your room on behalf of the hotel. However, we advise you to be truthful when you state your special reason. Imagine if you say that you have your birthday (while you don't), and the hotel management sees that when they ask for your ID card or passport. Now, that would be very embarrassing, especially if it is not your actual birthday.

Sign the hotel's membership card - if they have one

It is basically a devoted member's card, which applies mainly to foreign hotels. So, if you are a member of such a club, you can enjoy free drinks, WiFi and sometimes free breakfast. You should also know that some hotels are also members of special hotel clubs or vacation clubs, offering great offers to the customers who use such deals. In some cases, you have to pre-pay your vacation but as a bonus, you get better prices or extra usage of facilities etc. as a regular customer.

Take the shampoos without feeling guilty

Most people may think that it is not right, but what many do not know is that staff are waiting for customers to take the samples of shampoos with them instead of leaving them there. Of course, the same does not apply to anything else offered in rooms like towels, bathrobes etc. Used items such as shampoos and bubble baths are useless for the hotel and they will be grateful when you take them home when you leave, otherwise, they will just have to throw them away. If you take pillows, bed sheets and bathrobes, then the hotel will charge you.

Ask the reception for tips but be cautious 

It may not be a good idea for you if you follow the hotel's suggestions without thinking about it. In some cases, you might be better off. This happens because sometimes if you go to a place that they have suggested and you inform let's say the restaurant that the hotel you are staying send you there, the hotel will get a percentage. So, the hotel's tip-suggestion might not always be objective. The places that the hotel usually recommends are more touristy and may charge you more. It is a great idea to get tips from locals though or search online for reviews around the area. However, the hotel might have special discounts for its visitors on several cafe's or restaurants. Whatever the case you should always ask for tips, then check and compare the catalogue prices before ordering. Crosschecking online reviews might be the best way to be safe on this one. 

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