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Manpower is the first requirement of every business because no machinery is intelligent enough to work autonomously. Some special skills are required to utilise the potential of available resources and it is only possible with the help of skilled labour. In a business of products or services, labour is considered the lowest level of employment but basically, everything depends on them. All management, expenses and raw material is of no use if skilled labour is not available. When you need them in bulk, skilled labour hire agencies can help because they have a large pool of applicants expecting the similar job. First of all, you need to understand that whom can be consider in the category of skilled labourers?

Who Are Skilled Labourers?

Labour is of two kinds, skilled and unskilled. Unskilled labourers are those people who don’t require any kind of special technical training to do their job. Nowadays, technology is acquiring a major share in every field of employment. Thus, the demand for unskilled labourers is gradually decreasing. As a replacement, skilled labour hire is becoming the first preference because they are qualified people who got proper technical training from training institutions. Nowadays, a large number of technical training institutes are providing such kind of education. Qualified people hold a diploma certificate that approves their proficiency. Some common examples of skilled labour are electrician, plumber or tailor.

Why Hire Professional Recruitment Agencies for Skilled Labour

1)    Experience of hiring

As a business owner, you may have the knowledge to run it but hiring a professional is something different. You cannot evaluate everyone with one parameter. Thus labour hire agencies help in discovering the right talent with their experience. They understand the skill level for every post and ask questions according to the designation. With previous experience of hiring, the recruiters can easily identify the candidate that suits best according to a job profile.

2)    Time savers

The selection of skilled labour is a time-consuming process because you need them in bulk. As a business owner, giving all time for the recruitment process is not a wise decision. Therefore, it is better to hire a renowned recruitment agency for this purpose. Once hired, they are bounded to complete the process of hiring from first round of interview to appointment. In the end, you will get a team of skilled employees who can work in the environment of your company without requiring special training.

3)    Access to a large pool of talent

Recruitment agencies have a big pool of talent because people from different technical backgrounds register there for different kinds of jobs. A labour hire agency organise the data of all applicants so that it can be used while searching for a specific job profile. From large criteria of available options, it is easy to find out the best talent for client’s business. It is not possible while organising walk-in interviews because you have to decide instantly from the limited number of resources.

4)    Responsibility

Skilled labour hire process is a matter of huge responsibility because one wrong decision can affect the production potential for a long run. When a recruitment agency is hiring skilled labour on your behalf, it becomes their duty to choose the right candidate. It gives you peace of mind and time can be utilised for other important tasks.

5)    Cost-effective

When you feel the need for skilled labour hire, HR department need to do approach various resources of recruitment. Advertising through print media and electronic media is an expensive process. Also, administrative panel has to give special time for recruitment instead of doing other important tasks. All this costs a lot because of the loss of work efficiency. In this matter, recruitment agencies act as a cost-effective option. They already have applicants looking for a similar job. It saves a lot of monetary resources as well as time of the company.


Important Things to Consider While Selecting a Skilled Labour Hire Agency

1)    Accountability of replacement

It is possible that a recently hired skilled labourer is incapable of performing the given duties. In this situation replacement is the only option. Make sure that the recruitment agency takes full responsibility for free replacement in case these circumstances. This commitment must be clearly mentioned in the contact form.

2)    Knowledge regarding your requirement

Different recruitment agencies have different specialities in hiring. Some of them are expert in administrative employee’s selection whereas others have prior experience regarding skilled labour hire. Ask this question in priority before going further to prevent from choosing a wrong service provider.

3)    Rating and reviews

Reviews of previous clients reflect the actual service quality of any labour hire agency. Ask them to provide the contacts of previous clients interact with them and make sure that the agency is proficient or not. If you are not getting the contact directly from recruiters, try to approach star rating websites. Some genuine star rating sites such as Yelp, TrustPilot, Glassdoor and Twitter can help you in this concern. Also, the honest reviews of customer on the social media profile page can help you in identifying a right recruitment companion.

4)     Qualified staff

The recruitment staff of a labour hire agency must have qualified enough to identify the right talent. Also, it is important to hold practical experience in a practical field so that there will be no difficulty while questioning the candidates. Generally, such kind of information is displayed on their official websites for the convenience of visitors.


Choosing the right recruiter for skilled labour is essential and it requires a lot of brainstorming. Some important points are mentioned above that one must consider. Hiring professionals are beneficial to both employers because experience matters most. In Australia, the First Personnel agency is among the renowned resources of skilled labour. Whether you need skilful labour or staff for administrative level operations, they can offer you numerous options at an affordable cost.

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