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by Arthor Alberto
Today's on-demand mobile applications developed by almost every iPhone development company have taken the industry by storm. They have a great impact on our lives as these apps are really make the life of the people around the world very easy. Apps are really great productive elements which lets anyone around the world to use them and find a service or a job or a task that one can do and another can pay for that job when it is most needed by another person. Well, not only in iPhone application development, there are apps that are being developed for Android devices as well.  

Who thought about pushing the on-demand dry cleaning or washing app into a business combination?

Who thought people wanted to have a laundry app developed for their ease and with so many features included into those apps that users will find it so easy to use the apps? 

Well, the on-demand business model doesn’t have a lot in stores for traditional businesses and not every iPhone app development company is creating these types of apps except some very professional companies who are into creating mobile apps. But if it is something, it will gradually become a necessity in the future. 

Why the need of the on-demand laundry app arised?

Why does someone spend time washing clothes during the weekend when they can spend time doing the things they love? This idea led to the washing machine's mobile application demand. Therefore, if you want to build a mobile application for dry cleaning or want to develop a laundry app then it is covered here in this very post.
Features that should be there in any on-demand laundry app:

Let us help you understand the functioning of an on-demand laundry service mobile app so that any mobile app developer is able to understand the structure of the app as well as create it easily. The persons involved in an on-demand laundry service are the washermen, delivery person and the user.


The mobile app developed by an iPhone app development company allows the customer to set a laundry washing order. You can also schedule time to collect clothing.

    2. Delivery man:

According to the timetable, the service provider takes the clothes and takes them for rinsing. Once the clothes are ready, the rinsing man invites the delivery person to take out clean clothes and send them to customers.

    3. Laundry/ Rinsing:

When the rinsing machine fulfils the customer's order, the supplier delivers clothes, dry, iron and send it to customers.

With just a few clicks, the entire washing process is done without complications for the user. Do you need another reason to create a mobile laundry service at your request? We are sure about the fact that any expert iPhone application development company can built this type of app without any problems and issues. Also, note that a similar app can be created by an Android app development company as well. 

Let's see what are the features that should be included when developing a mobile laundry app on the demand of the customers.

In order to create a demand-based mobile laundry service, we can split the functionality of the app into three categories so that we can better understand the features from the perspective and ease of use of the users:

Three Aspects of any on-demand laundry app are as following:

●App User
●Delivery Man

We will try to explain the features of these mobile apps separately.

●Easy sign-up/ registration service for customers:

Easier to use, customers can log in / register using their mobile phone number and social media accounts. This saves them from the tedious task of feeding their details.

●Full Schedule:

Guests can choose pick-up times according to their comfort. You just have to choose the timetables and date of your mobile application and your clothes are collected at the door.

●Estimated costs:

When customers choose their clothes and materials, they see the estimated cost of the laundry service.

●Type of services to choose:

Customers love options. Clothes can be made of several materials and require special care. Therefore, customers can choose the type of material, clothing types, detergents and machine washing or hand washing settings etc.

●Order Status:

After the order, customers can use the laundry service to monitor the status of the order. The laundry staff changes the status of the order and keeps customers up-to-date with information on their order.

●Laundry room favorites:

Customers may prefer laundry cleaning, depending on the service they provide. In this way, when the customer next requested a laundry, he has the opportunity to take part in the laundry with the same person.


When customers get their clothes, they have the opportunity to add their comments to both the vendor and the launderer.

●Cancelling Order:

Many customers want to cancel their order many times for reasons that are not so special. The iPhone development company should have enough experience for laundry services on-demand app which includes a built-in function to cancel a subscription. This will immediately send the notice to the sender and the reservation will be canceled.

●My bids:

Customers can see their loyalty points and their personal offers from their profiles through a demand-driven mobile laundry service.

●Tracking the drivers:

Guests can follow the drivers with the washing machine's mobile application on request to let them know their laundry.


Customers receive alerts when the washing mode changes. This keeps them up to date throughout the duration of the service.

●Several payment options:

To reduce manual processing, the Mobile Questioner application allows customers to make payments through various payment options. Customers can make payments by bank card, credit card, online banking, e-wallets, etc.
Features of the washing machine's mobile application to build a dry appliance application on request.

●Customer Detail Form:

When laundry workers accept a customer's order, they can use customer information such as clothing, type of material, etc. 

●Signing in:

The laundry men have their own control panel where they can log in / register their mobile phone number or social media accounts and they can sign up. For this purpose, the user will be given login information and password to protect the account.

●Order History:

All the app users should be shown the orders that they have made in the past. This is needed for easily remembering the orders that have been made by the user of the app at what price in case he wants to check.


Therefore, we discussed that how a great iPhone development company can contribute to the development of the app if you want to invest into a profitable business. A laundry app has a flow that must be followed by the mobile app developer in order to ensure the hassle-free and smooth running of the app. 

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