A brief study on the women’s high heel shoes and their comfort

by Lucy Choi London Designer

Footwear was originated with an aim of protection of feet from the direct contact with the soil, heat, cold and sharp objects. Slowly and gradually these foot accessories became an inseparable part of human life and soon have acquired cultural, aesthetic and symbolic significance. Till this time, the importance of footwear was not related to the comfort zone. With the passage of time, the research continued and the work then aimed to analyze the comfort in women footwear.

With such analyzation, the manufacturers come across the emotional relationship of consumers as well as the ability of women to give up the comfort in favor of the aesthetics. All this resulted in the launch of many women’s shoe stores in London that not only offers footwear with best aesthetics but also provide the wearer with utmost comfort.

What is footwear all about?

As an object, footwear is something that embeds cultural traditions and values. This is an accessory that is an indicator of social class, gender, and status beyond protection. Not only in a particular region or religion, these accessories have become an imperative part of the life of a mankind. Be it a woman or a man, footwear is a necessary fashion icon that keeps on changing throughout times and is influenced by the latest fashion trends like shoe design and model along with the height and shape of the heel for the women’s high heel shoes.

Like clothing is an imperative part of life, footwear as well became an accessory of great importance that helps in categorizing the characteristics of individual personality depending on the style and model of the chosen shoes. A person’s choice of shoes reflects his/her personality by revealing whether the person is audacious, distinct, and conservative or free spirit. Perfect footwear is the one that communicates one’s desire for a specified social status and lifestyle. The high heel shoes are considered as the symbol of femininity and seduction, but according to the orthopedic professionals recommend the occasional use of high heel shoes as regular use of them may cause serious health issues that involve the deformities of the toes, postural damage, and muscle shortening etc.

Footwear and comfort

Comfort is an emotional state that is usually defined by the physical and psychological well being that can be induced by the sensations, thoughts, images, objects, environment, and situation that invokes pleasant feelings and emotions. Comfort is one of the major factors that are considered by the consumer on a priority basis while making purchases for footwear. The perception of comfort differs from person to person and, therefore, comfort is a very subjective concept.

A lot of times the production of high heel shoes often disregards comfort and foot health with an aim to accomplish an attractive and eye-catching design. But this is one of the biggest mistakes made by the manufacturers.  In spite of making footwear with less comfort, it is important for the women’s shoe stores in London to keep in mind the comfort of the feet both medically and psychologically.

The high heel footwear is considered to be the ones that give a sensual look to a woman and the fact behind is that it brings some sort of changes in the female body and make them look more attractive. Make sure that the heels you purchase are able to balance the body weight causing no serious issues to the body of the female. The increase in the heel-height brings changes to the personality of a woman and comfortable footwear leads to psychological well-being and personal satisfaction that is linked to social and fashion demands.

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