Herbs That Can Keep You Healthy

by Achal M. Achal

Diseases have become quite common these days and so have their medicine. Our scientists are constantly after searching a cure for a disease. New and improved medicines are developed often so that the cure is better and without a side effect. But do you know that nature has the biggest remedy to diseases? There are certain herbs and flowers that are of medicinal value. If you consume them on a regular basis then you would be free of the several minor diseases and their symptoms. Let us know what these herbs are-


This flower like part of the plant is rich in medicinal value. A tonic of Ashwagandha can rejuvenate you and reduce all inflammations. This one is effective to minimize anxiety and gives a boost to one's immune health. You can take it like you consume tea two to three times a day.


This kitchen ingredient has a wide range of qualities. This works as an antibiotic, improve the flow of blood. It can relieve you off viral infections. Inflammations can be reduced, symptoms like vomiting, upset stomach and nausea can be eased. Freshly prepared tea with ginger can give you relief from cold and flu.


The calendula flower is an important herb. It is used since the earlier times to reduce throat, mouth and stomach infections. Now also it is popular as a topical cream that helps in making the healing process faster and reduces rash and irritations in any external area. For mouth infections, 2 tsp of the petals are to be boiled in water. It can then be used as tea, mouthwash or for gargling.


The paste that you use in several cooked and spicy food to bring in the taste and flavor is garlic. It has medical qualities which often help to combat cold and ease sinus problems. If you get diarrhea traveling to a place, then garlic can be helpful. If it is consumed on a regular basis then the blood pressure levels can be lowered. 1-2 cloves of freshly peeled garlic can be consumed every day for better health.


Turmeric is the root of the plant. This is yellow in color. In the ancient times, it was used to prevent cuts and burns from growing inflammation and infection. It is also found to be helpful for curing headaches, gastrointestinal problems. Daily consumption can reduce the cholesterol levels and give protection against Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps one to fight against Rheumatism.

All of these herbs are easily available to us. So, being a little aware if we consume these herbs regularly then we can keep away several problems, even without our knowing them.


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